Barnett Wildcat C6 Review: A Modernized Crossbow

If you’re reading this then you have probably heard of the Wildcat C5. You may also know that the Wildcat C5 has been wildly popular. In fact, it is Barnett’s bestseller to date. Well, now Barnett has made a new and improved version and they call it the Wildcat C6. How they came up with such an inventive name I will never know. In this Barnett Wildcat C6 review, we will be closely looking at the new features Barnett has tacked on their bestselling crossbow in order to find out if it is worth getting. So whether you own the older generation and are looking to upgrade or you just want to get an affordable Barnett crossbow, this article will certainly help you arrive to a conclusion. What you will find out is that the Barnett Wildcat C6 is a relatively low budget crossbow that will appeal to people of all types of experience.​

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Best Crossbow Cases – Hard & Soft Crossbow Case Reviews

Best Crossbow Cases

Many crossbow packages lack one key item, a case. I'm not sure why because they are not typically expensive items and people would rather pay the extra cost to have a complete package. This article will cover what I consider to be the best crossbow cases to buy. See current prices for them on Amazon. I will discuss hard and soft cases as you might be interested in picking up one of each. 

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Barnett Ghost 415 Review – Best Crossbow For The Money

The Barnett Ghost 415 has been replaced with an upgraded Barnett Ghost 420 Revenant (see price on Amazon). See our first look at the Ghost 420 here.

The Ghost 415 is the newest crossbow released by Barnett, one of the best crossbow manufacturers. Its official name is the Barnett Ghost 415 Revenant crossbow. This is definitely one of Barnett's most expensive models (check price on Amazon), but that's because it has all of the bells and whistles, a real top of the line model. It is an upgrade to the extremely popular Ghost 410 crossbow and is titled 415 because, surprise, it shoots at 415 FPS. Keep reading below in this Barnett Ghost 415 review to learn more about this crossbow's features, specs, and why it is a great crossbow to buy.

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Barnett Wildcat C5 Crossbow Review: Why Is It So Popular?

When it comes to crossbows, Barnett is a leading brand. Their main line crossbows are made in the U.S. and are well known for their reliability. The Barnett Wildcat c5 is one of their bestsellers so I decided to check it out and tell you guys what I think about it. So why exactly is the Wildcat c5 so popular? Well, to spare you the suspense I will tell you right now that the reason why this is so is because it is simply a solid entry level crossbow with a great price. If you want to know why I think this then I encourage you to keep on reading.

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Best Crossbow On The Market

tenpoint venom xtra crossbow review

Whether you're new to crossbows or have owned one for a long time, you might be wondering what the best crossbow on the market is. I will present a few different crossbows and rank them based off a few factors. These factors include accessories, customer reviews from multiple sources, and options the manufacturer provides the owner. To properly determine which is the best crossbow on the market, I'll weigh these options as best as possible to come up with a decisive pick.

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Cobra Pistol Crossbow Review

A handheld pistol crossbow is great for hunting small game, or for target practice. I picked up an 80 pound Cobra pistol crossbow to try out to see how it shoots. After unboxing the crossbow, I immediately couldn't wait to assemble it and give it a test fire. My initial thoughts are for the low price (see on Amazon), his is an easy purchase for anyone. I think it will be especially great for survivalists interested in a cheap pistol crossbow. In this Cobra pistol crossbow review, I'll cover specs, features, and many other topics related to this handheld crossbow. 

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Crossbow Glossary, Terms, And Definitions

If you're new to crossbows or archery, some of the terms used can be confusing. Use this crossbow glossary as a guide to learning any crossbow terms you might be unfamiliar with.

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Top Outdoor Blogs You Need To Follow In 2017

Top Outdoor Blogs

Being one with nature is the cure to the toxic urban life that’s filled with busy people, air pollution, artificial food, and such. Most people dare not to leave their jobs—even just for a while—but there are brave souls that left everything to live outdoors.

Hiking, climbing, trekking, camping, hunting, and fishing—if these fun outdoor activities excite you, then you should definitely check out our list of the top outdoor blogs. These blogs contain everything you need to know whether you’re a new to the outdoors or not!

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Crossbow Maintenance Tips

Crossbow Maintenance Advice

Proper crossbow maintenance is necessary to get the maximum usage and lifespan possible out of your purchase. Also it should be done for safety reasons as a damaged crossbow can cause a dangerous malfunction. This article will explain how to properly maintain your crossbow, cover common problems to help you troubleshoot and fix your issue, and provide crossbow maintenance product recommendations.

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Barnett Quad Edge Review And Quad Edge S Review

Barnett Quad Edge S Crossbow Review

If you’re looking for an intermediate crossbow, the Barnett Quad Edge crossbow provides a great balance between quality and price (See on Amazon). Rich in features, durability, kinetic power, and lightness, the Quad Edge crossbow packs a big punch for a low price. In this Barnett Quad Edge and Quad Edge S review, I will cover everything thst you'll need to know before making a purchase, including the features, specifications and accessories. I will also let you know about the slight differences between the Quad Edge vs the Quad Edge S. With nothing further to do, let's get this review started!

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