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Barnett Crossbow Recall

Unfortunately, some of Barnett's latest 2016 models have had complaints of the trigger safety not working correctly and the crossbows have shot on their own. Thankfully, they have been forced to issue a recall on the affected crossbows.


Barnett Crossbows Affected By Recall

  • ​Barnett Ghost 415 (Mossy Oak and Monochrome) Model # 78059 and 78044
  • Browning OneSixOne - Model #80005
  • Browning OneSixTwo - Model # 80004
  • Barnett Raxr Ice - Model # 78212
  • Barnett Razr - Model # 78210

The recall notes the crossbows are able to be repaired to fix the problem. If you own one affected by this recall, you are urged to STOP USING IT IMMEDIATELY.

Instructions To Get Yours Repaired For Free

If you own one of the models, you need to contact Barnett directly using the following information:

Consumer Contact: Barnett Outdoors at 800-237-4507 Extension 8 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET

Online at and click on “Crossbow Recall” for more information.​

One injury has been reported so far, a hand laceration. Crossbows should ALWAYS be considered loaded and dangerous, just like a gun. Now is also a great reminder to keep your crossbows well maintained to avoid causing safety issues from negligence.

Once the manufacturing line has been updated to avoid this problem, expect to be able to purchase the affected models online again. Fortunately the issue was caught "early" and only 3300 affected products have been sold.

This recall was initiated by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission​.

If you are not happy that Barnett allowed this to happen, it's a good time to let them know you're disappointed. My current top recommended crossbow brand is Excalibur because they provide quality products at a fair price. Watch how durable their crossbows are from their wide range of abuse in their Destruction Challenge series.

Looking for a low maintenance crossbow? Check out my review of the Excalibur Micro 355 crossbow.

For complete information regarding the Barnett crossbow recall, visit ​

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