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Barnett Game Crusher 2.0 Review

Barnett Game Crusher 2.0 Review

With the Barnett Game Crusher 2.0, you get a no frills crossbow that is great for somebody just getting into the sport. It’s a lightweight, easy to handle crossbow that is great for the range or for hunting. In this Barnett Game Crusher 2.0 review, we hope that we can answer all of your questions so you can see if it is the right crossbow for you.


Features of the Barnett GameCrusher 2.0

  • Anti-dry fire system
  • Pass through foregrip with finger sensors
  • Weighs 7.5 lbs
  • 3.5 lb trigger pull
  • 330 FPS
  • Draw Weight: 165 lbs
  • Kinetic Energy: 97 FPKE
  • Uncocked Width: 18.9 inches
  • Cocked Width: 16.25 inches

Don't forget to buy better crossbow arrows (Barnett Carbon Arrows) and Gamecrusher broadheads to complete your hunting setup!

There are a few features that make this a great crossbow for kids or newbies to the sport. At 7.5 pounds it is light enough to carry to your blind if you are going hunting. We like that there is not much creep, while still not being a quick trigger. 3.5 pounds trigger pull to fire seems like a good middle ground that you can get used to.

The problem with most budget crossbows is a heavy front end. That is NOT the case with the Game Crusher 2.0. The front end is much lighter than other cheaper crossbows. It’s easier to get off a straight shot even without using a tripod. Again, this makes it a good crossbow for beginners, kids, or women.


  • Great price
  • Lightweight for the price point
  • Trigger pull under 4 lbs
  • 330 FPS
  • Good safety features
  • Floating bristles retain the bolt securely


  • Not a high quality scope
  • Low quality lube and wax is included, you'll want to upgrade to better stuff, it's not too expensive
  • Some concerns around the anti-dry fire spring coming loose, you'll want to keep everything tightened and check often

What is included with the Barnett GameCrusher 2.0?

  • 3 arrow quiver
  • 4x32 non-illuminated scope
  • 3 20 inch bolts
  • Lube and wax

While it doesn’t come with a lot of accessories or bells and whistles, there is enough in the kit to get you started.

The scope is non illuminated which is a plus for most people that find the illuminated scopes distracting. It is a fairly accurate scope considering it is a factory issued one. If you have a favorite scope already you may want to swap them out.

If you are just starting out and this is your first crossbow package, the scope will definitely get the job done. Just take the time to get it sighted before you head out the first time and you should be good to go.

The bolts that come with it are actually pretty good and are the right grain for this bow. We’ll talk more about what kind of bolts to use if you don’t want to use the included ones a little later on.

The quiver is nothing to write home about, but you shouldn't expect much from any entry level crossbows. We like to have a fourth field tipped bolt to uncock the crossbow at the end of the day, but you can stuff that into a bigger case.

Is the Barnett Game Crusher 2.0 Good For Hunting?

You can definitely hunt with this easy to use crossbow!

At 330 fps you get enough power to take down some slightly big game. You may not want to hunt for bison with this but if you are a deer hunter, you can take this out with you.

Hunters that have to use blinds that are tight on space will appreciate the fact that there isn’t much difference in width when it’s cocked or uncocked.

Barnett Accessories

Some great accessories to go along with your Game Crusher crossbow is a Barnett Crossbow Case. Click the image below to see the price.

Barnett Cross Scope

Barnett Cross Scope

If you're not a fan of the Barnett case, check out our favorite crossbow cases.

For maintenance items, we recommend quite a few products over on our crossbow maintenance article.

What Type Of Bolts Should Be Used with the Barnett Game Crusher?

Of course, Barnett is going to recommend that you only use their branded arrows. It’s logical that they wouldn’t want you to use the competitions.

Their arrows are weighted according to the specs of their crossbows, so you should see better performance by using their brand.

That being said, you may want to try out some others. If you do try non Barnett bolts, then there is something to keep in mind.

You should use bolts that are a combined weight of 400 grains. If you’re using a broadhead or field tip with a 100 grain weight then make sure you are using 300 grain shafts.

Another thing to consider is that when using broadheads, you should use a mechanical head for better results. This works as general advice, but especially with the Game Crusher. Barnett advises that fixed blade broadheads, i.e. the ones that don’t open automatically, should not exceed 1 3/16” as they will fly erratically.

Trial and error when using different bolts and broadheads is the order of the day. You may need to try a few before you go hunting to see what will work best for you. We recommend using the Barnett Gamecrusher broadheads though as they shoot well with this crossbow.

How Safe is the Barnett Game Crusher?

The first line of defense is the anti dry fire mechanism. When you cock your crossbow, the safety turns on automatically. To turn it off, you have to slide your bolt all the way in. The crossbow won’t fire without the bolt fully inserted so you won’t risk injury by dry fire.

Other crossbows have a lever that you flip to turn off the safety. That is fine and all, but what happens if you flip that lever by accident and the safety shuts off? You could end up dry firing, especially if you have a quick trigger.

Another great safety feature is the finger safety reminder on the foregrip. You can feel if your fingers are too high and could be hit by a firing bolt. Overall, the Game Crusher is a crossbow made with safety in mind.

Final Thoughts on the Barnett Game Crusher 2.0 Review

We would say for most people in the market for a crossbow, budget is the primary consideration on which one to pick.

While you may get more bells and whistles the more you spend, even a budget crossbow can take down a deer just as well as a premium one.

After reading our review of the Barnett Game Crusher, we think you can see that you get a solid crossbow for the money. Yes, the scope is not premium, but it can get the job done. Of course, with what you save on the crossbow, you can invest in a better scope.

Aside from that, there are not many negative things to say about the Barnett Game Crusher. Whether it’s for hunting or for the range, you’ll be pleased with the performance of this “cheap” crossbow.

While a great crossbow, the Game Crusher is an older crossbow, so check out Barnett's newest crossbows for 2020.

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