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Barnett Ghost 415 Review – Best Crossbow For The Money

The Barnett Ghost 415 has been replaced with an upgraded Barnett Ghost 420 Revenant (see price on Amazon). See our first look at the Ghost 420 here.

The Ghost 415 is the newest crossbow released by Barnett, one of the best crossbow manufacturers. Its official name is the Barnett Ghost 415 Revenant crossbow. This is definitely one of Barnett's most expensive models (check price on Amazon), but that's because it has all of the bells and whistles, a real top of the line model. It is an upgrade to the extremely popular Ghost 410 crossbow and is titled 415 because, surprise, it shoots at 415 FPS. Keep reading below in this Barnett Ghost 415 review to learn more about this crossbow's features, specs, and why it is a great crossbow to buy.


Note: The Ghost 415 has been recalled by Barnett. Click here for more information about the Barnett crossbow recall. The issue is getting fixed immediately and the Ghost 415 will be listed for sale again shortly. If you are really interested in this crossbow but can't wait, the Ghost 410 is still available and offers a similar feature set at a lower price and is not apart of the recall. The Ghost 420 fixed the issue as well.

Barnett Ghost 415 Specs

  • 415 FPS
  • 153 lbs of kinetic energy
  • 185 lbs draw weight
  • 15.375" power stroke
  • Weighs 7 lbs
  • 37.375" long
  • 21.875" wide

The Barnett Ghost 415 Specs are a definite upgrade vs the Ghost 410. Not only does it shoot faster, clocking in at 415 FPS (feet per second), this added speed translates into a harder hitting impact of 153 lbs of kinetic energy (FPKE). This is enough to take down any big game you're hunting. Its 185 pound draw weight is right on par with other top of the line crossbow models.

It has a long power stroke of 15.375" which allows it to shoot arrows at 415 FPS. This crossbow is equipped with a magnified illuminated scope. Since this is a CRT crossbow from Barnett, it is also equipped with a carbon riser, which is 43% lighter than other risers. The main benefit from a much lighter riser is the weight of the crossbow is extremely well balanced, offer better control to the shooter. Also with the use of CRT, this crossbow only weighs 7 pounds!


The Ghost 415 Revenant is an upgrade to the Ghost 410, which was released a few years ago. It offers very similar features, such as the carbon riser, bristle retainer, and CNC machined aluminum flight track and 7/8" Picatinny rail system. The biggest upgrade to the Ghost 415 CRT crossbow is the addition of TriggerTech Trigger. This new trigger introduces what's called Frictionless Release Technology and will allow you to find a consistent release point without any creep feeling. But don't take my word for it, watch this video below of real customers trying out crossbows with a TriggerTech trigger.

The Ghost 415 trigger offers 3 lbs of pull and zero creep. Another awesome feature is the 2 stage safety. It can sense if the arrow isn't set right to avoid a dry-fire.

Included Accessories With Ghost 415 Revenant

Next in this Barnett Ghost 415 crossbow review I'll cover what is included with your purchase of this crossbow. The best accessory that comes with this crossbow is the 1.5x5x32 illuminated scope. This scope allows you to select between either red or green illuminated reticles. It also has a speed selector, allowing for it to perfectly match how fast your crossbow FPS is. Its range is anywhere from 20 to 70 yards.

Also included in your purchase is a rope cocking device, which makes cocking a breeze. You will receive 3 22" Headhunter arrows as well as a three arrow quiver to store them, which runs parallel to the crossbow. An extra accessory that the Ghost 415 offers that many others don't is a Talon crossbow sling. These are specifically designed for Barnett crossbows and can be released quickly, plus they are highly durable and allow you to have much longer hunting trips.

How Does the Barnett Ghost 415 Shoot?

Since this is Barnett's latest and greatest flagship crossbow, you would expect it to shoot great, and it absolutely does! With all of the features working together in harmony, the Ghost 415 shoots arrows fast and straight. It is on par with TenPoint crossbows when it comes to the quality of shots and is accurate right out of the box. The CRT provides great balance, allowing you to hit more accurate shots, but the BEST feature that improves how this crossbow shoots is the TriggerTech trigger.

If you didn't watch the video above of people's reactions to using the trigger, watch it! It is the smoothest shooting crossbow on the market and you might get all giddy the first time you pull the trigger. Installed is a string dampening system, so your shots will be quiet. You will be extremely delighted with how this crossbow shoots.

Here's a quick video showing you just how accurate the Barnett Ghost 415 is.

Color Options

There are two different color schemes for the Barnett Ghost 415 Revenant crossbow: a Mossy Oak Treestand Camo and a Black Camo with skulls.

I enjoy both of these color schemes, but my personal favorite is the black model with the skulls.


There are a lot of pros and reasons to buy the Ghost 415 crossbow:

  • ​Fully featured crossbow, easy to assemble and ready to shoot
  • One of the most balanced crossbows on the market, helps improve accuracy
  • 415 FPS, one of the fastest crossbows on the market
  • 153 pounds of kinetic energy, you can take down any big game you're hunting
  • One of the smoothest shooting crossbows thanks to the TriggerTech trigger
  • Two awesome color schemes, everyone will want to see it and be jealous
  • Barnett took the popular Ghost 410 model and made it even better as the Ghost 415


I have some nit-picky cons about this crossbow:

  • While it is a flagship crossbow and comes with lots of features, it is expensive
  • Doesn't come with a carrying case, which it definitely should for the price

How Much Does It Cost?

There are different packages available to choose from on Amazon, check out current prices on Amazon.

Ghost 410 vs Ghost 415

If you're looking to compare how the Ghost 415 matches up against Barnett's Ghost 410 crossbow, I'll list a few of the major differences. ​The biggest difference is the Ghost 415 comes with the TriggerTech trigger. You'll find the trigger is as smooth as butter and is a great upgrade for one of the best crossbows on the market.

Another major difference is Barnett's newest crossbows are being equipped with the Bristle Retainer, a patent pending invention. Instead of dealing with the old plastic arrow retainers that can become brittle in harsh weather, bristle retainers firmly hold your bolt in place and will last a long time. They don't need adjustment either.

The last difference between the Barnett Ghost 415 and the Ghost 415 are the camo pattern options. ​As noted above, you can pick from a Mossy Oak, or a black and skull theme. The Mossy Oak camo was used on the Ghost 410, but didn't extend to the limbs, while the Ghost 415 camo covers the whole crossbow.

What Arrows Are Best For The Barnett Ghost 415?

Arrows and bolts for crossbows can sometimes just be up to personal preference, but we have a few suggestions.

The following arrow configuration has been shown to provide fantastic results to take down any big game you're hunting:

The included arrows with the Ghost 415 are the 22" Headhunter arrows from Barnett.​ While these are good arrows, not everyone thinks they are the greatest. Some of the best crossbow arrows on the market come from Carbon Express. Their top sellers and highest rated arrows are the Maxima RED Fletched Carbon Arrows and the PileDriver Hunter Fletched Carbon Arrows.

Hunting With The Ghost 415 Revenant

At 415 FPS and 153 foot pounds of kinetic energy, this is not only the fastest crossbow on the market, it's also the most powerful crossbow. You can hunt ANYTHING. You will be able to hit accurate and humane shots against every type of big game, especially moose and bear. You'll have no issue tracking down your game after a hit because they won't make it very far. Hunting with the Barnett Ghost 415 will make you smile all day long.

Recommended Accessories

Since none of the Ghost 415 crossbow packages I've seen include a carrying case, I highly recommend you pick one up to protect your investment. Barnett makes crossbow cases that should fit most models. I recommend picking up a hard shell case since it offers more protection than the soft shells, and you definitely want to protect this high priced investment.

​I also recommend you pick up string wax and rail lube. You will want to keep this crossbow maintained to keep it shooting in tip top shape. Feel free to check out my crossbow maintenance guide for tips.

Barnett Ghost 415 Review Conclusion - Should You Buy The Barnett Ghost 415 Revenant Crossbow?

Absolutely. If you've had your eye on this crossbow, or one of this caliber, you will not be disappointed. It has the smoothest trigger pull on the market, you can shoot any game you want, it's lightweight especially for how powerful it is. The Ghost 415 is a great crossbow to purchase, and definitely one of the best crossbows on the market. While it came in second to the TenPoint Venom Xtra, I still labeled it as the best crossbow for the money. It is significantly cheaper than the Venom Xtra without sacrificing too much performance. If you're interested in buying the Barnett Ghost 415 Revenant crossbow, you can find it on Amazon.

How To Assemble The Barnett Ghost 415

If you need help assembling your Ghost 415 crossbow, your best resource will be the product manual. It has tips on how to assemble this crossbow on page 10.

Barnett Ghost 415 Manual and Other Documentation

Click here to download an electronic version of the Barnett Ghost 415 Revenant crossbow manual.

If you're looking for additional assembly instructions, click on the following links:

I hope you liked this Barnett Ghost 415 review. I am interested in hearing what your thoughts are about this crossbow and how you think it stacks up to the competition. If you have a video using your Ghost 415 crossbow, feel free to share it in the comments and I just might add it to this review!

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