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Barnett Quad Edge Review And Quad Edge S Review

If you’re looking for an intermediate crossbow, the Barnett Quad Edge crossbow provides a great balance between quality and price (See on Amazon). Rich in features, durability, kinetic power, and lightness, the Quad Edge crossbow packs a big punch for a low price. In this Barnett Quad Edge and Quad Edge S review, I will cover everything thst you'll need to know before making a purchase, including the features, specifications and accessories. I will also let you know about the slight differences between the Quad Edge vs the Quad Edge S. With nothing further to do, let's get this review started!


Barnett Quad Edge S Crossbow Review

Barnett Quad Edge Specs

  • 340 FPS
  • 103 lbs of kinetic energy
  • 125 lbs draw weight
  • 14.625" power stroke
  • Weighs 6.9 pounds
  • 36" long
  • 21.875" wide
  • 19.875" axle to axle

This crossbow is on the faster end of the spectrum. At 340 FPS (feet per second), you will be able to hit your target accurately from far distances, and pack a strong enough punch for a clean and humane hit. A draw weight of 125 lbs makes this one of the easier crossbows to cock. A 4X32 (4 times magnification, 32mm diameter lens) scope is included in the purchase.

At 6.9 lbs, you won't have any issues carrying it around, and you'll be less fatigued during the day because this is one of the lightest crossbows in its class. The Quad Edge power stroke is good for this price range and class of crossbows. With 103 pounds of kinetic energy, you'll be able to hunt most big game without any issues, and it is especially great for hunting deer.


The Barnett Quad Edge and Quad Edge S crossbow package have great features packed in, but still maintain reasonable price points. There are many features that make these desirable crossbows, such as a magnesium riser, and a Picatinny rail system. The magnesium riser allows for a really smooth surface that lets the arrow fly down range with very little resistance. The Picatinny rail is size 7/8" and allows you to add any accessories that are rail capable. This will allow you to customize your crossbow exactly to meet your needs. You'll also be happy with the finger reminders, a great safety feature.

Barnett Quad Edge Crossbow

Another unique feature is the pass-through foregrip. With this foregrip, you gain much more stability and control allowing for more accurate shots. An added bonus of the foregrip is it reduces fatigue during long hunting trips. The foot stirrup is also equipped with anti-vibration technology which makes cocking the gun easier. A 3 arrow quiver is attached at the front for quick and easy reloading.

Barnett Quad Edge S Specs

  • 350 FPS
  • 109 lbs of kinetic energy
  • 135 lbs draw weight
  • 14.625" powerstroke
  • Weighs 6.9 pounds
  • 36.2" long
  • 21.875" wide
  • 21" axle to axle

The Barnett Quad Edge S specs are slightly better than the Quad Edge, which is expected since it commands a slightly higher price. The biggest difference between these crossbows is 10 FPS and 6 lbs of kinetic energy. This might seem like a slight difference, but it will allow you to be more accurate on your long shots, increasing the chance of a humane kill shot and require less tracking.

The draw weight is slightly increased, but this is what allows the extra gains in FPS and power. The Quad Edge S is slightly longer (.2"), but the power stroke is the same.


When you buy the Quad Edge crossbow or the Quad Edge S crossbow package, you get the following items included in the purchase:

  • 4X32 optical scope
  • 3 22” Barnett Headhunter arrows
  • A lightweight quiver that can hold 3 arrows
  • Product Manual that includes assembly guide and crossbow maintenance guide
  • Tools necessary for assembly

Later on in the Quad Edge review, we will provide recommendations for additional accessories that will help you get the most enjoyment out of your crossbow.

Barnett Quad Edge Review Video

Quad Edge vs Quad Edge S

Barnett released two crossbows in the quad edge series, the Quad Edge vs Quad Edge S. The non-s version comes with a black finish, while the Barnett Quad Edge S has a camo finish. The S also has a storage compartment under the cheek rest, allowing you to store lube wax. The compartment can be opened by using a coin to rotate the latch key 90 degrees.

The Quad Edge S has a slightly higher draw weight of 135 lbs, but that allows for it to also have a higher speed of 350 FPS vs the Quad Edge 340 FPS. The S carries a slight premium price over the original edge, but you also get a rope cocking device as well as camo finish. I believe the added value makes the Quad Edge S a better buy.

Quad Edge S

Quad Edge

Arrow Grain

Feet Per Second

Arrow Grain

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Shooting the Quad Edge S Crossbow

​You will be extremely happy to know that the Barnett Quad Edge S crossbow is deadly accurate. Its high FPS and 22" bolts will help hunters easily hit humane kill shots up to 40 yards.

The Quad Edge series has an anti-dry fire device to help protect your crossbow. Also, the safety is automatically engaged after cocking. Something you'll notice quickly is how loud it is. Because of the power generated, Barnett recommends you check your riser bolt after 5 shots and make sure it isn't coming loose. Do a quick look over all of them periodically as well. 

On the bright side, you can shoot the Quad Edge S crossbow a lot without having to constantly replace the strings or cables. Since it holds up to wear and tear, the Quad Edge might be the best target shooting crossbow. Make sure you keep everything lubed and waxed properly, and the Barnett Quad Edge series crossbows will perform well.

Color Options And Camo Patterns

The Barnett Quad Edge Series crossbow comes in two different color patterns, depending on which model you buy: it comes in black or in Realtree Max-1 camo

Quad Edge S Review Video

Barnett Quad Edge S vs Barnett Quad 400

The Quad 400 was discontinued and replaced with the Quad Edge series. So, how does the Quad Edge S compare to the Quad 400? The FPS is slightly higher (350 FPS vs 345 FPS), but the foot pounds of kinetic energy is slightly lower (109 FPKE vs 112 FPKE). The Barnett Quad Edge S limb width is skinnier than the Quad 400 by nearly 5", making it much easier to store.

Recommended Arrows For Your Quad Edge Crossbow

Included in your purchase are three 22" Headhunter arrows. These are longer than many other arrows that come in around 20", and this gives the arrow better in-flight stability. Barnett warns to never use less than 400 grain arrows as this may damage the crossbow by simulating a dry fire, which would void the warranty. In their manual they recommend to only use their own brand of arrows, the Barnett Headhunter Bolts.

If you want to use another type of bolt, ​Barnett recommends to only use half-moon nock or moon nock arrows.

Barnett Quad Edge Arrow Grain Weight and FPS

You should always pick the correct arrow and broadhead that best suits your hunting needs. Below is a chart that compares how the Quad Edge series crossbows handle different arrow grain weights and what effects that has on their FPS.

Note: Barnett warns that using an arrow weighing less than 400 grains (including the field point or broadhead) has an increased chance of damaging your string and cables, with the possibility of causing a dry fire or misfire.

Recommended Accessories

The Quad Edge does not come with a rope cocking device while the Quad Edge S does include one. You can purchase a spare compatible crossbow rope cocking device manufactured by Barnett.

A carrying case is highly recommended, and Barnett has a few selections. Their crossbow cases are waterproof, and fit almost all models of Barnett crossbows. It is worth the price as it not only protects your crossbow (aka your investment), but also makes it easier to travel and go hunting with.

Barnett also makes their own lube wax, which comes in a 3 pack. Lube wax is necessary to perform the required maintenance for your crossbow. It helps lubricate the crossbow rail to ensure accurate and smooth shots. It also helps keep your FPS from dropping and keeps your string and cables maintained.

Barnett Scope

Both crossbows come standard with the Barnett 4X32 optical scope. It is not the greatest scope, but it gets the job done for beginner and intermediate hunters, and isn't bad for the price point. The Quad Edge S comes with a 4X32 multi-reticle optical scope, or an optional premium red dot scope.

Is This Good For Hunting?

With the high kinetic energy of the Barnett Quad Edge, you will be able to use this crossbow for hunting most big game. We've found it is fantastic for hunting deer. It is also a great crossbow to use for long range target practice due to its high FPS and 4X scope. At around 7 pounds, you will not feel burdened by carrying this crossbow all day. The S model also contains the secret compartment in the stock to help keep one of your pockets free.


There are a lot of positive things mentioned in this Barnett Quad Edge review, but this crossbow isn't without some of its problems.

  • Fast FPS for the price
  • Medium sized crossbow that allows for decent mobility
  • Great price for the quality
  • Lots of accessories made by Barnett so you know everything is compatible
  • This crossbow is great for hunting game of all sizes
  • Stands up to wear and tear, best crossbow for target shooting and practice


  • Loud shots with recoil, makes bolts come loose and knocks scope out of alignment
  • Low quality scope with bad eye relief
  • Assembly documentation could use improvement

How Does It Compare Against Other Crossbows?

In this review of the Quad Edge, I covered everything there is to know, but how does it compare against other crossbows? It is lighter than quite a few, such as the Quad 400, it shoots 22" arrows comfortably while many others shoot 20" bolts. The Quad Edge S provides a unique camo look, and both models provide a pass-through foregrip, which allows for better stability. This model also gives you peace of mind when buying accessories since Barnett makes their own accessories and guarantees compatibility. If you're an experienced hunter and looking for the best Barnett crossbow to buy, check out my review of the Ghost 415 Revenant.

Should You Buy The Barnett Quad Edge or Quad Edge S Crossbow?

In this Barnett Quad Edge Series review I covered everything you need to know about both of these crossbows. For the price and its offerings, this is a great crossbow to buy if you're on a budget. I think the Quad Edge S is a better value and the camo finish is a nicer touch than black.

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Barnett Crossbow Warranty Information

Barnett crossbows are covered under a five year limited warranty. Strings, cables, and arrows are not covered as they are wearable pieces. The warranty will cover the stock, trigger, and limb assembly as long as the damage was not caused by abuse or a dry fire. Click here for more Barnett crossbow warranty information.

Your Barnett crossbow needs to be registered for the warranty to be valid. You must register your crossbow within 10 days of purchase to validate the warranty.​ You can register on their website at

Barnett Quad Edge S Manual

Barnett is known for providing quality documentation with their products. Here are direct links to the electronic documentation for the Quad Edge series crossbows. Click the links below to access a PDF file.

Barnett Quad Edge Assembly Instructions

If this is your first crossbow, you might need help putting it together. Below are some links I've compiled for this crossbow to help you assemble your new Quad Edge crossbow.

Thank you for reading our Barnett Quad Edge review. Do you own this crossbow, or are you looking to purchase one? Let me know if you have any additional question or comments below!

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