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Barnett Raptor FX2 Review – Great Intro Crossbow

Barnett Raptor FX2 Review

A new low cost crossbow has been introduced by Barnett Crossbows in 2016. The Barnett Raptor FX2 is a great intro crossbow that offers a lot of value. It is available in three different packages (see on Amazon). One comes with a 4x32 scope, one with a Premium Red dot scope, and the Lady Raptor FX2 crossbow. In this Barnett Raptor FX2 review, I'll cover the specs, all of the features and the accessories you can pick for this crossbow.


Barnett Raptor FX2 Review

​Barnett Raptor FX2 Specs

  • 330 FPS
  • 97 lbs of kinetic energy
  • 150 lbs draw weight
  • 12.5" power stroke
  • Weighs 6.4 lbs
  • 34.25" long
  • 18" wide

The Barnett Raptor FX2 shoots very fast for a beginner crossbow. At 330 feet per second, the Raptor FX2 will allow you to comfortably hunt accurately to around 40 yards. It can certainly shoot further, but you will want to make sure you hit humane kill shots.

With 97 pounds of kinetic energy, the Raptor FX2 is a good choice for hunting deer or turkey.​ It only weighs 6.4 pounds, so hunting on rough terrain isn't problem. You won't have issues reloading the Raptor FX2 at 150 pounds draw weight since a rope cocking device is included with all packages. At 18" wide, this is a compact compound crossbow.

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Even though the Raptor FX2 is a good starter crossbow, Barnett still equipped it with everything you'll need. Barnett released a wide range of crossbows in 2016, including the awesome Ghost 415 Revenant and a specialty bow, the Whitetail Hunter, but all of these share key characteristics. Included on all of these crossbows is the CNC machined 7/8" Picatinny rail, so you can customize with whatever accessories you want.

Also included is the comfortable foregrip and finger reminders. The lightweight composite stock helps keep the weight down. On the end of the stock is an adjustable butt pad, so you can find a comfortable shooting position. You'll notice this crossbow has a unique camo pattern called Realtree Hardwoods. The Lady Raptor FX2 comes in a pink version of this camo.

​Included Accessories

Depending on which Raptor FX2 crossbow package you pick up, the only real difference is which scope you get. This will either by a magnified 4x32 scope or a Premium Red Dot scope. You get a rope cocking device which really helps beginners and saves you some money. You will also receive 3 20" Headhunter Arrows, each equipped with field points. 

A foot stirrup is attached at the front of the crossbow, allowing for easy cocking.​ In case you don't like using the foot stirrup with the rope cocker, Barnett thought ahead and left a spot for you to install a crank cocking device, and included the necessary installation parts. A quiver that holds the 3 included Headhunter bolts is also included.

Looking for info on the Barnett Raptor FX3 and Raptor FX3 Pro crossbows?

Check Amazon for current reviews and prices.

​Shooting The Raptor FX2 Crossbow

Even though this is an entry level crossbow, it shoots great! There is a little bit of recoil, but nothing you can't get used to quickly. This video below really gives you a good idea of how well the Barnett Raptor FX2 shoots.

Raptor FX2 Crossbow Packages

The only difference between the Raptor FX2 crossbow packages is the type of scope you want. If you like hunting from longer distances, then you should pick the 4x32 scope. If you are comfortable hunting from closer distances and want to aim quicker, the red dot scope should be your choice. With the Barnett Picatinny rail, it's easy to swap scopes if you ever want to try something new.

Lady Raptor FX2 Crossbow Package

The Barnett Lady Raptor FX2 crossbow is the same crossbow, except it comes in a cool looking pink camo. If you're trying to get your wife into hunting, the Lady Raptor FX2 is a great beginner crossbow. Availability is limited online, but you can buy one from Bass Pro.

4X32 Scope vs Premium Red Dot Scope

As mentioned previously, the Raptor FX2 crossbow package lets you pick either a magnified or red dot scope. The 4x32 scope is multi-reticle, so you're not limited to one option. It offers 25' by 100 yard field of view, so it's great for hunting big game at a distance.

​The Barnett Premium Red Dot scope lets you hunt with both eyes open. You can adjust the brightness of the dot to meet your hunting conditions perfectly. This scope is good for close range hunting.

​Raptor FX vs Raptor FX2

There are two main differences between the Raptor FX and the Raptor FX2 crossbows. The first difference is the FX2 has been upgraded to use Barnett's bristle retainer, which is a big improvement over other arrow retainers. The second difference is the Raptor FX2 camo pattern received an upgrade and looks fantastic!

Barnett Raptor FX2 Review Video

This video does a great job summing up what was covered in this Barnett Raptor FX2 review.

Best Bolts For The Barnett Raptor FX2

Chances are you'll need more than just the 3 bolts that come with this crossbow package. A great low cost crossbow bolt is the Barnett Outdoors Carbon Arrow. It has great reviews and are the best bolts for the Raptor FX2 if you're on a budget.

Recommended Case For Your Raptor FX2

One of the downsides to most crossbow packages is they do not include a case. Barnett, being the crossbow giant they are, has created a soft crossbow case that will fit the Raptor FX2. You don't have to settle for this case though, check out my best crossbow case guide for more options. Most cases will fit this crossbow just fine since it isn't as big as more.

You'll also want to pick up some Barnett lube wax. It's a low cost way to keep your crossbow well maintained and last for years.​ For more tips, read my crossbow maintenance guide.

Raptor FX2 Crossbow Review Conclusion

If you're looking for a great beginner crossbow from a solid manufacturer, the Barnett Raptor FX2 is a great crossbow to buy. The Raptor FX was given the award of American Hunter Bow of 2016, and the FX2 only improves on the FX. It is a great performer that will suit new hunters very well, and even experienced hunters on a budget. All of the features included are on par with many crossbows that cost a lot more! The Raptor FX2 is available to buy at all major retailers and is available on Amazon. If you enjoyed reading this Barnett Raptor FX2 review, please share it with your friends!

Raptor FX2 Manual

An electronic version of the Barnett Raptor FX2 manual is available to download here. Riser diagram is available here. The stock assembly is available here.

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