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Best Crossbow Cases – Hard & Soft Crossbow Case Reviews

Best Crossbow Cases

Many crossbow packages lack one key item, a crossbow case. I'm not sure why because they are not typically expensive items and people would rather pay the extra cost to have a complete package. This article will cover what I consider to be the best crossbow cases to buy. See current prices for them on Amazon.


Best Crossbow Cases

Not everyone is looking for the same thing, and there are a lot of factors to take into account before buying. What is your price range? Are you looking for something extremely rugged and can take a beating, or do you just want something light that's easy to carry? We'll cover these topics to help you find the best crossbow case that fits you and your crossbow.

Best Crossbow Hard Cases For Sale

If you like to pack your bags high and pile things up in your truck, then we definitely recommend that you buy a hard case for your crossbow. There are a lot of options to pick from, so we'll make a few recommendations as to what we think are the best crossbow hard cases for sale, since not everyone has the same needs.

There are two that stand out the most, the Plano Spire and the SKB Hunter Series with wheels. The great thing about both of these cases is they do not require you to disassemble your crossbow at all. Just store it, secure it, and close the case!

Plano Manta Hard Case Crossbow

For the price, this is one of the best hard crossbow cases you can buy. It is designed to fit just about every compact limb compound crossbow available. You will probably have to remove your quiver, but it includes additional storage space to hold it and other accessories like string wax, rail lube, or a rope cocker. You will be able to strap down your crossbow to make sure it doesn't move around while the case is latched.

I know the following crossbows fit in the Plano Manta: Barnett Ghost 360, Barnett Ghost 410, Barnett Raptor, PSE Fang, Carbon Express Intercept, and CenterPoint Sniper 370 and many more.

If you don't see your crossbow on this list, just check the size dimensions of your crossbow and compare them to the interior dimensions which are 39" length, 27" width, and 12" height. If your crossbow measures less than all of these, then it should fit no problem!

SKB Hunter Crossbow Case With Wheels

The SKB Hunter Series is the best crossbow hard case for the hunter who travels a lot. The issue is this is one of the most expensive hard cases for sale. Check out the current price on Amazon. It is rather big, but that's because it is extremely durable and fits practically ANY compound crossbow. Its internal dimensions are 41" in length, 30" in width, and 10.5" in height.

 It has a set of wheels which is fantastic because it weighs 19 pounds. With its length and a nice carrying handle on top, you'll be able to move around with ease.

Looking for a crossbow case for flying? This is the one to buy to take on a flight. Make sure to buy locks as that is a requirement the airlines have. We know you can fit just about any crossbow in here, with room to spare for some bolts! This is one of our top picks for best hard crossbow case to buy to fully protect your investment, especially to take onto an airplane!

Top Soft Crossbow Cases

I'm going to pick the top 2 best soft crossbow cases based on a few criteria. One, durability, two, features, and finally I'll look at the price.

Allen Hardcore Sub-Compact Crossbow Case

This is one of the top selling crossbow cases. We highly recommend it if you're looking for something a little bit harder, but less than a full on hard case. This crossbow soft case offers a lot more foam padding to help protect your cams and limbs. It is unique to many other cases as it has a specific pocket just for your quiver to guarantee your arrow fletching doesn't get damaged.

The dimensions are 39" long, 22" wide, and 10" tall. It has a specific section for your scope so there isn't any extra pressure added to the scope, making it another unique feature. It is really lightweight and also comes with a shoulder sling making this a great crossbow case for hunting trips.

Allen Glove Crossbow Case

Simply put, this Allen case is a top seller because of its universal fit and low price. It is simple in design, but fully delivers. It is designed to fit all standard crossbows, which means just about any compound crossbow should fit. People have mentioned that their fully loaded Barnett Quad 400 fits even with all of its accessories attached including a big scope, Barnett crank cocking device, and quiver.

The dimensions are 42" long, 31" wide, and 13" tall. This is larger than both of the hard ones mentioned above, so every major crossbow will fit in this soft case. It also includes an adjustable sling to make it easy to carry, and has a nice G2 camo pattern. Besides all of its great features, it is also one of the cheapest cases for crossbows, see it on Amazon.

Brand Specific Crossbow Case Recommendations

Barnett is the largest crossbow manufacturer and offers the widest selection. For this reason, they created their own soft Barnett case that fits all Barnett crossbows. In fact, it's very big and will pretty much fit any crossbow on the market.

It includes a shoulder strap for easy transporting, and has lots of storage for accessories. They gave enough space on top so you do not have to remove your scope. This case is well constructed and can withstand heavy use. If you're not looking to break the bank and want a decent case that you know will fit, I recommend buying the Barnett crossbow case.

TenPoint Universal

Tenpoint universal crossbow case

If you're looking to protect your TenPoint crossbow, the TenPoint Universal case is for you. Living up to its name, this crossbow soft case was designed to fit all TenPoint crossbows, and even fits the Horton Storm RDX (since TenPoint owns Horton). This is a high quality soft crossbow case that will stand the test of time. It is double stitched with Cordura fabric. It includes a handy shoulder strap. It is priced significantly higher than other soft ones, but it is embroidered with the TenPoint logo. If you want a guaranteed fit crossbow case for your TenPoint, then you should consider getting this universal soft case.

Carbon Express

Carbon Express has made this specifically designed to fit all Carbon Express crossbows. The padding is about 1/2" thick, and the exterior uses rugged 600D material.


Excalibur Crossbow Case

Excalibur offers a wide selection  of cases, more than any other brand. These cases are more crossbow specific than others, but the one I liked the most was the Excalibur Tombstone. It is designed to specifically fit the Excalibur Matrix series. Plenty of padded space is available for the scope, which is why I like this case a lot. A strong sling is included, and it also boasts 2 large padded pockets to store a rope cocker, wax and lube, keys, anything you like! 

Horton Innovations

If you own a reverse draw or forward draw crossbow, you want this case! This is the best reverse draw crossbow case to buy. If you weren't aware, TenPoint owns Horton, so you know it is made with quality in mind. If you've been looking for a crossbow case for your Storm RDX, I recommend getting this guy. You will notice it includes a nice sized storage compartment and a shoulder strap, making it a great option for hunting trips. While it doesn't have a cool camo pattern like many others, it is well built and has sturdy side panels for extra protection, but I do not recommend setting anything on top of it.

Wicked Ridge

This soft crossbow case will fit all Wicked Ridge crossbows. It includes a very generous storage pocket on top to hold accessories or personal belongings to take on your hunting trip. There have been some complaints regarding the quality of this case, but if you're not picky and just want something you know 100% will fit your crossbow, then you should buy this case. Amazon is known to have a very lenient return policy, so if you're not satisfied you can certainly return it.

PSE Precision Deluxe

The PSE Precision Deluxe crossbow case was designed to fit all current PSE crossbow models. This includes the Fang, RDX 365, RDX 400, and Vector 310 crossbows. Its dimensions are 41.75" long, 20.5" wide, and 11.5" tall.  Its good sized and you will not have any problems fitting crossbows with scopes in this case. Constructed with 600D polyester, it will hold up to intense use, and the plush padding inside will keep your PSE crossbow safe. A carrying strap and oversized accessory compartments add a lot of value.

Killer Instinct Narrow Limb

Killer Instinct released a unique product that is different than the others soft crossbow case reviews. There are two unique features about this soft case for Killer Instinct crossbows that make it stand out. One, it offers a LOT of space for mounted scopes so you don't have to worry about your scope rubbing and needed readjusting. Second, it offers dual shoulder straps so you can wear your crossbow like a backpack. It also has a nice carrying case at the top so you don't have to always use the shoulder straps. On the back there is a zipper pocket for more storage. All around, a very nice product.


Looking for a case to fit your Parker crossbow? This is a highly rated one and for good reason. It fits most Parker crossbows, but some will be a tight fit. The dimensions for the Parker Red Hot case are 40" long, 31" wide, and 7.5" tall. This is a great choice for the Parker Bushwacker and the Gale Force. The storage on top is for your quiver and to help protect your arrows during travel. Equipped with an adjustable strap and carrying handle make this a great choice for your Parker crossbow!

Thanks for reading about my picks for the best crossbow cases. If you own a different case not on this list, mention it in the comments! There are a lot of soft ones to choose from, and I hope I was able to help you pick out the perfect one for your crossbow. If you need help finding a new crossbow, check out my homepage where I post updates about the current best crossbows on the market.

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