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Best Crossbow Targets And Arrows For Target Shooting

Ever want to shoot your new crossbow before the hunting season begins, but don't have a good spot to do it safely, or the right target? You're not alone! It's always exciting when you get a new crossbow, and of course, the first thing you want to do is shoot it!

Crossbow target shooting is beneficial in helping you learn a new crossbow, or just brush off the cobwebs before you go on your first hunt - plus it's a blast! In this article, we'll share what we think are the best crossbow targets, and also share our recommended arrows for target shooting.


Best Crossbow Targets

First we're going to start with our 2 favorite archery targets. There's a good reason these two are the top rated and best selling crossbow targets, because they do their job well and are quite inexpensive. By having a proper archery target to shoot at, you are less at risk to losing a good arrow, and also they won't damage the integrity of the arrow.

Morrell 400 FPS Archery Bag Target

​One of the best selling crossbow targets, and also one of the top rated is the Morrell Double Duty 400 FPS Archery Bag Target. We highly recommend this target for multiple reasons. It has 4 interactive sides that provide different targets, so it really is a 4-in-1 solution. As you can see in the image above, it provides a very nice visual of key targets for a deer to help hit those humane and quick kill shots. Also there's a billiards game to help with more precise aiming. Not pictured includes a side with 6 different bullseye targets, and the 4th side is a dart board, for when you're really looking for a challenge.

​If you like to target shoot your crossbow a lot, the Morrell Archery Bag is a no-brainer purchase, buy one today as it is definitely one of the best crossbow targets!

Morrell Yelow Jacket YJ350 Target Bag

Morrell Yellow Jacket Field Point Target

If you're looking for something smaller and more compact to help you take some warm up shots while on a hunting trip, then we recommend you buy the Morrell Yellow Jacket Field Point Target. As you can see, it provides 5 great targets for precision target practice. It is rated for up to 350 FPS, but many have reported that these bags are very tough. What's great about this practice bag is HME Products has created a stand for it, so you can take just the bag on your hunting trip, and also bring it back home and make a more permanent target with the stand.

The Yellow Jacket crossbow target also doubles as a great spot to discharge your last bolt. Check on Amazon to look for discounts on the Yellow Jacket.

Best Arrows For Target Practice

If you want quality target practice, you're better off buying a durable bolt that flies straight, and use something that you also wouldn't mind hunting with. By keeping your setup consistent, your shots will be more predictable, improving your hunting success. The Carbon Express PileDriver bolts meet all of these criteria with flying colors, but are more expensive than other bolts you could buy just for target practice.

Viare Carbon Fletched Arrows

If you're looking for a cheaper set of practice arrows that include a field point, you'll want to buy the Viare 20" Carbon Fletched 4" Vane arrow set.​ You get 12 in a package, so they're rather inexpensive when it comes to a carbon shafted arrow.

If you're really enjoying the Viare arrows, you'll be happy to know the field points can be removed to attach your favorite broad head. These bolts are 13.78 grains per inch, meaning with a 125 grain broad head, they will weigh right around 400 grains.

Crossbow Field Points For Target Shooting

If you want to use the PileDriver bolts or any other of your favorite arrows for target practice and don't want to use a broad head, we recommend picking up some Carbon Express Field Points. These are customizable field points, allowing you to make them either 100 or 125 grain weight, allowing you to dial in the perfect practice shot.

These come in a 5 pack, so you can setup plenty of your favorite hunting bolts to be used for target practice, or to help dial in a new scope.

Crossbow Target Practice Accessories

If you're a big early morning hunter and want to practice in those same conditions, you run a risk of losing your bolt. An easy solution to this is to use a lighted nock. These really help you find your arrow in a heavily wooded area with lots of leaves and brush. Visit the Carbon Express website for more information.

If you target shoot a lot, you have to be careful to remove your arrow at a straight angle has to not damage the integrity of the shaft. Any damage can really hurt the accuracy of a shot. To avoid this, we recommend checking out this Allen Arrow Puller. By increasing the surface area, you can easily pull out your bolt. Additionally, you avoid the chance of getting blisters over a long day of shooting.

Crossbow Target Practice Maintenance Advice

When you're target shooting, you of course are able to shoot significantly more times than you would while hunting. For this reason, you need to keep crossbow maintenance in mind to keep your crossbow in perfect working condition. One of the biggest maintenance tasks is keeping your string and rail lubed properly. A great 2 in 1 product we recommend is the Dead Down Wind rail lube and box wax combo. It'll keep your shots consistent and is very easy to apply.

Dead Down Wind Rail Lube

Safety Tips For Crossbow and Archery Target Shooting

Before ever discharging any weapon, weather a compound bow, crossbow, or a gun, you ALWAYS NEED TO CLEAR YOUR SHOOTING AREA and know what is behind your target. Never discharge a weapon when you're uncertain about where your arrow/bullet will travel to. Always utilize proper trigger safety as well. Click here for more information on weapon safety (applies to crossbows just as much as guns).

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