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New Barnett Crossbows For 2020

Barnett is constantly updating their crossbow line to make sure their customers have the best crossbow for hunting. In this article I'll go over the new Barnett crossbows for 2020. I'll also go over accessories they've improved to make sure their crossbows have the latest and greatest technology to make your crossbow hunting experience better.

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Barnett Rogue Crossbow Review – A Detailed Look

If you're looking to get into hunting but don't want to break the bank, Barnett's Rogue is a perfect crossbow for you. At this point everyone that loves crossbows has heard of Barnett. They are one of the most reputable companies in the field and have great customer service. This year it seems like they went all out in improving the hunting experience. Designing the Rogue is certainly part of that plan.

In this Barnett Rogue Crossbow review, not only will we explore all the good things this bow has to offer and let you know if it's right for you. Check out current prices for the Rogue Crossbow here on Amazon.

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Barnett Whitetail Hunter Pro Review – Best Crossbow For Deer Hunting

Barnett Whitetail Hunter Pro Crossbow Review

NOTE: Barnett has released a newer version called the Barnett Whitetail Hunter Pro STR.

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The Whitetail Hunter crossbow series has been very successful for Barnett. The reason is simple: Barnett makes great crossbows. The Whitetail Hunter Pro is a nice upgrade to the previous Whitetail Hunter crossbows. Keep reading this Barnett Whitetail Hunter Pro review to see if you think the upgrades make it worthy of your next purchase.

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2017 Barnett Recruit Tactical Review – Perfect For Beginners?

2017 has been a big year for Barnett. They have introduced quite a few new crossbows that have raised the bar in capability. The Recruit Tactical has blown its predecessor out of the water in terms of speed, draw weight and more while still maintaining the same quality and design.

Along with the Recruit Terrain, the Tactical is the cheapest compound in Barnett's new line. (Check current prices on Amazon) This makes it a great low budget crossbow. Don't let the price fool you though - this crossbow has a lot to offer. In this Barnett Recruit Tactical review, we will find out just how much value you will get from this compact crossbow.

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Barnett Game Crusher 2.0 Review

Barnett Game Crusher 2.0 Review

With the Barnett Game Crusher 2.0, you get a no frills crossbow that is great for somebody just getting into the sport. It’s a lightweight, easy to handle crossbow that is great for the range or for hunting. In this Barnett Game Crusher 2.0 review, we hope that we can answer all of your questions so you can see if it is the right crossbow for you.

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New 2017 Barnett Crossbows

Barnett is known for constantly upgrading their crossbow line. This article will cover all of the new 2017 Barnett crossbows. This year they released a wider range that covers all skill levels and price points, and also crossbow types including compound and reverse draw. They've added improvements to some of their top sellers, such as the Whitetail Hunter, Raptor, and Quad Edge.

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Barnett Ghost 420 – First Look At This New Crossbow

  • Draw weight: 185 lbs
  • Power stroke: 15.375"
  • Velocity: 420 FPS
  • Weight: 7.6 lbs
  • Length: 37.4"
  • Width: 22"
  • Check price on Amazon


Draw Weight

Power Stroke


Bow Specs

Barnett Ghost 420

Barnett Ghost 420 Revenant Crossbow

185 lbs


420 FPS

Weight: 7.6 lbs

Length: 37.4"

Width: 22"

Barnett Ghost 420 Revenant Crossbow

The Barnett Ghost 420 crossbow is the newest addition to the high powered Ghost series. After 2016's disastrous Ghost 415 issues that resulted in a recall, Barnett has solved the safety issues. On top of just fixing the issues, they also added some more FPS on top of an already crazy 415, and bumped it up to 420 FPS. Let's take a quick look at what Barnett is offering on the new Ghost 420 Revenant.

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Barnett Droptine Review – Great Crossbow Under $500

Barnett released several new crossbows in 2016, one of them being the Droptine. The Barnett Droptine crossbow was introduced to help round out the crossbow offerings for hunters looking for more than a beginner crossbow, but not spend as much as a top of the line crossbow. 

The Droptine is a good buy if you're looking for a crossbow under $500 (see on Amazon). Barnett discontinued the Brotherhood and essentially re-branded it as the Droptine, but with several enhancements. Intermediate crossbow hunters will find the features plentiful, and the specs are great for the price. I will cover all of those items in detail in this Barnett Droptine review.

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Barnett Raptor FX2 Review – Great Intro Crossbow

Barnett Raptor FX2 Review

A new low cost crossbow has been introduced by Barnett Crossbows in 2016. The Barnett Raptor FX2 is a great intro crossbow that offers a lot of value. It is available in three different packages (see on Amazon). One comes with a 4x32 scope, one with a Premium Red dot scope, and the Lady Raptor FX2 crossbow. In this Barnett Raptor FX2 review, I'll cover the specs, all of the features and the accessories you can pick for this crossbow.

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Barnett Whitetail Hunter Review – Great Crossbow For Deer Hunting

Barnett Whitetail Hunter Crossbow

Looking for information on the Barnett Whitetail Hunter 2 crossbow? We're busy working on the review, in the meantime check the current prices on for deals! It's Barnett's top selling crossbow for a reason!

Looking for information on the new and improved Barnett Whitetail Hunter Pro Crossbow? You can check out our review here.

If you're looking for the best crossbow for deer hunting, look no further. The Barnett Whitetail Hunter crossbow was designed specifically for deer hunting in mind, and you will love the features it offers. This crossbow offers a lot of value for the price (see current prices on Amazon). This Barnett Whitetail Hunter review will cover how well it shoots, included accessories, and all of its features that make this a great deer hunting crossbow.

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