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Barnett Ghost 420 – First Look At This New Crossbow

  • Draw weight: 185 lbs
  • Power stroke: 15.375"
  • Velocity: 420 FPS
  • Weight: 7.6 lbs
  • Length: 37.4"
  • Width: 22"
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Draw Weight

Power Stroke


Bow Specs

Barnett Ghost 420

Barnett Ghost 420 Revenant Crossbow

185 lbs


420 FPS

Weight: 7.6 lbs

Length: 37.4"

Width: 22"

Barnett Ghost 420 Revenant Crossbow

The Barnett Ghost 420 crossbow is the newest addition to the high powered Ghost series. After 2016's disastrous Ghost 415 issues that resulted in a recall, Barnett has solved the safety issues. On top of just fixing the issues, they also added some more FPS on top of an already crazy 415, and bumped it up to 420 FPS. Let's take a quick look at what Barnett is offering on the new Ghost 420 Revenant.

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Effects of lack of Sleep on Shooting a Crossbow

The crossbow has an ancient and powerful history that dates back to as early as the 6th century B.C. According to The Huffington Post, the ongoing popularity of the crossbow today stems in part from their repeated use in films, video games and comic series. In this post, learn what the effects of lack of sleep on shooting a crossbow can be and how to avoid them. 

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Barnett Crossbow Recall

Unfortunately, some of Barnett's latest 2016 models have had complaints of the trigger safety not working correctly and the crossbows have shot on their own. Thankfully, they have been forced to issue a recall on the affected crossbows.

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Crossbow Laws And Regulations – Are Crossbows Legal In My State Or Country?

Crossbow Laws

As crossbows grow in popularity, many hunters wonder "are crossbows legal where I live?". I will provide information that will help you figure out if crossbows are legal in your country or state. Keep in mind you need to be aware of the laws at all levels of government whenever you're hunting. Some crossbow laws are different at the country, state, and sometimes even down to the county or city level. You'll be able to find all of the information you need to know in this article.

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Crossbow Glossary, Terms, And Definitions

If you're new to crossbows or archery, some of the terms used can be confusing. Use this crossbow glossary as a guide to learning any crossbow terms you might be unfamiliar with.

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Top Outdoor Blogs You Need To Follow In 2019

Top Outdoor Blogs

Being one with nature is the cure to the toxic urban life that’s filled with busy people, air pollution, artificial food, and such. Most people dare not to leave their jobs—even just for a while—but there are brave souls that left everything to live outdoors.

Hiking, climbing, trekking, camping, hunting, and fishing—if these fun outdoor activities excite you, then you should definitely check out our list of the top outdoor blogs. These blogs contain everything you need to know whether you’re a new to the outdoors or not!

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Crossbow Maintenance Tips

Crossbow Maintenance Advice

Proper crossbow maintenance is necessary to get the maximum usage and lifespan possible out of your purchase. Also it should be done for safety reasons as a damaged crossbow can cause a dangerous malfunction.

This article will explain how to properly maintain your crossbow, cover common problems to help you troubleshoot and fix your issue, and provide crossbow maintenance product recommendations.

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