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TenPoint Titan SS Review: A New Best-Seller

TenPont Titan SS

The Titan SS is one of TenPoint's latest and greatest creations. They revealed it at the Louisville ATA Show in 2016 and it is projected to be TenPoint's best selling crossbow. This crossbow is a top-to-bottom improvement on the previous model, the Titan Xtreme.

It is lighter, faster and more compact. Despite the upgrades, this weapon has maintained an affordable price (See prices on Amazon). In this Tenpoint Titan SS review, I will be investigating everything about this weapon, including what comes in the box, what new features it has and what are it's specs. 

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TenPoint Venom Xtra Review: The Pinnacle Of Compound Crossbows

tenpoint venom xtra crossbow review

It is no secret that TenPoint Crossbow Technologies is one of the elite companies in the crossbow industry, so when they revealed the Venom Xtra at the 2016 ATA Show in Louisville, all crossbow enthusiasts took great note of it. The Venom Xtra runs off the same platform as TenPoint's Venom. It has very much the same look and feel but with much more quality features and accessories.

As you can imagine, this crossbow comes with a hefty price (See on Amazon). With such an expensive crossbow, naturally we are wondering if it is worth the price. In this comprehensive TenPoint Venom Xtra review, we'll tell you everything there is to know about this compound crossbow.

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