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CenterPoint Tormentor Whisper 380 Review – Budget Silenced Crossbow

The CenterPoint Tormentor Whisper is a one of a kind crossbow. It is the cheapest silenced crossbow without feeling like a cheap crossbow. It also packs a punch with 380 FPS, so you're getting two great features right there. In this CenterPoint Tormentor Whisper 380 Review, we'll cover the rest of the specs so you can find out why this is a highly rated crossbow.


CenterPoint Tormentor Whisper 380 Review

CenterPoint Tormentor Whisper 380 Specs

  • 380 FPS
  • 120 lbs of kinetic energy
  • 185 lbs draw weight
  • 13.75" power stroke
  • Weighs 7.9 lbs
  • 14" cocked width
  • The Tormentor Whisper shoots arrows at 380 FPS, which will allow you to hunt at the maximum range you're comfortable with. We don't recommend over 60 yards, that way you can ensure you're hitting a clean and humane kill shot.

    The 120 lbs of kinetic energy will take down a lot of big game with ease. Check out this chart showing the kinetic energy required for hunting big game. The Tormentor Whisper allows you to hit your kill shots accurately and get the bolt there quickly, all for a great price!

    Tormentor Whisper Features

    Released in 2018, the Tormentor Whisper 380 has accomplished a very unique feat. You can get a silenced crossbow with lots of features at an entry crossbow price. CenterPoint has targeted the lower end of the price spectrum and found success with high customer satisfaction.

    Some of the main features include:

    • The Whisper Silencing System
    • Standard auto safety along with an anti-dry-fire system
    • Compact design
    • All weather stock with rubber grips
    • Quad Limbs

    Let's start with the Whisper Silencing System. No crossbow is really able to be fully silenced. There's just too much force going on. The benefit of the silencing system though is it definitely reduces noise and vibration.

    Included in the Whisper Silencing system are:

    • Two string stoppers paired with silencers
    • Two limb dampeners
    • Two spider silencers

    Reducing noise will help avoid startling your target - this is key to hitting successful shots. Reducing the vibration helps soften the internal damage to the crossbow itself as well as the shock to you.

    Compact crossbows usually means less power, but with 380 FPS, that clearly isn't the case here. The all weather stock allows you to feel comfortable knowing you can hunt in all conditions. The quad limbs allow the Tormentor Whisper to get more power in a compact design.

    Accessories Included In The CenterPoint Tormentor Whisper 380 Crossbow Package

    You'll see in the images you get a great crossbow package for the price. Included are the following items:

    • 4x32 Scope (non-illuminated)
    • 3 bolt quiver
    • 3 20" carbon bolts, weighing 375g
    • 3 100g field points

    A common complaint is the scope is awful. If you're hunting very close range and are on a tight budget, the stock scope should be fine. Keep in mind, this is a great crossbow for a budget price, so there are some sacrifices that are needed.

    If you've got some money left in your budget, then check out this recommended scope upgrade:

    UTG 4x32 Crossbow Scope

    This 4x32 1" scope upgrade gets you a range of illuminated reticles, and flip open lens caps. This is a no brainer purchase, especially when you're already getting so much bang for your buck with the Tormentor.

    Shooting The Tormentor Whisper 380


    • Great value, lots of features for the price
    • 380 FPS, you can hunt anything
    • Whisper silencing system makes the shooting experience great
    • Compact design


    • Stock scope is not good
    • With all accessories, the crossbow can get heavy

    Recommended Additional Accessories

    As we mentioned before, you'll probably want to upgrade your scope. Next, you'll want a good crossbow case that will protect your investment. Check out our crossbow case recommendations to find one you like.

    Other Silenced Crossbows

    Not sold yet on this crossbow? If you've got a lot of budget, then I recommend looking at the Excalibur Micro Suppressor. You'll spend a lot, but you'll have one of the most silent crossbows ever made.

    CenterPoint Tormentor Whisper 380 Review

    If you're on a tight budget, but absolutely desire a silencing system, look no further. This is a no-brainer purchase if you want a great crossbow hunting experience on a budget. 380 FPS is a lot of power, mixed in with a silencer, and your target won't even know what hit them.

    The best place to buy a Tormentor Whisper 380 today is on Amazon, click here to check current prices.

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