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Killer Instinct Furious 370 FRT Review

Performance and technology generally come at a price. When you want a crossbow that outperforms the competition you expect a heavy price tag. Though it isn’t the cheapest crossbow on the market, the Killer Instinct Furious 370 FRT has a boatload of features that makes it one of the best values out there. In this review of the Killer Instinct Furious 370 FRT, we will examine all of those features in detail.


What makes this crossbow a great deal is attention to details that you don’t see in many other crossbows for the same price.

Starting with the fact that you often get higher fps than the advertised 370 fps in its name. Many people get up to 400 and over, especially with lighter arrows. The trigger at under 2 pounds pull is one of the best on the market. Not just in its class, but one of the best period. With no creep you get a true release.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Read on for all the stand-out features of this excellent crossbow.

Features of the Killer Instinct Furious 370 FRT

Here are some of the features that make the Furious 370 FRT special:

  • SPEED: 370 FPS (with 425 grain arrows)
  • TRIGGER: 2 pound pull
  • WIDTH: 14.5 inches
  • LENGTH: 31-34 inches
  • WEIGHT: 7.2 pounds
  • DRAW WEIGHT: 185 pounds
  • POWER STROKE: 13.5 inches
  • Triggertech FRT 2.0 pound pull trigger system
  • Anti-dry fire mechanism
  • 4X32 illuminated reticle scope
  • CNC precision aluminum rail
  • 5 position collapsible stock
  • Beavertail pistol grip
  • Folding foot stirrup
  • Adjustable forearm grip with finger protection
  • Deadening limb silencers
  • Ambidextrous

It may not jump right out at you, but all of these features are for one overriding goal of the makers of this crossbow. And that is accuracy.

Starting with the 2 pound trigger pull, with less creep you can get a shot off faster and with less friction. In fact the FRT in the name of the crossbow refers to the Frictionless Release Technology. A clean release point when pulling the trigger can mean a difference of an inch when the arrow reaches its target. Creep can also have you off by the fraction of a second that your prey needs to jump out of the way.

The illuminated reticle scope gives you an accurate shot up to 60 yards. Since most times you are within 40 yards, you can see how that scope can give you a big advantage in accuracy.

The adjustable stock and forearm grip can customize exactly the right fit for you which will lead to better accuracy. When you are comfortable and the crossbow fits perfectly balanced, then your shots will greatly improve.

The pistol grip not only gives you a comfortable grip, but you can squeeze off a shot much faster than with other grips. And it’s ambidextrous.

Even the foldable foot stirrup helps with accuracy. Since it folds away it gives the crossbow a much lower profile allowing for a seamless shot. 


  • 2 pound trigger pull
  • Lightweight design
  • Adjustable stock and forearm grip
  • Narrow cocked width
  • 370 fps speed with 425 grain bolts
  • Limb silencers
  • Illuminated reticle 4x32 scope


Is the Killer Instinct Furious 370 FRT Good For Hunting?

We already mentioned how accurate it is. For that alone it’s great. You also get a lot of power out of this crossbow. It is advertised at getting 370 fps. But, that is with a 425 grain bolt. You could go with a 400 or even lower grain 20 inch bolt and get even higher than 370. You could go with a lighter grain bolt and a heavier broadhead while keeping it at 400 grains. With that you can take down some rather big game.

In most instances, your target will be closer than 40 yards. For when you are a bit further than that, the scope plus the accuracy of the Furious will still put you on target for a kill shot. Even at 60 yards you can still take down some big game.

We also like the slim profile of the Furious. At 14.5 inches cocked, it will still give you some wiggle room in even the tightest stand or in the woods.

Comfort is subjective, but when you have a crossbow that is as well thought out as this one, then it will work for just about any hunter. And when it’s comfortable to fire, then you are more likely to have a successful outing than when you are always trying to finagle it.

The Furious is remarkable quiet. There is more vibration than we would like, but it doesn’t make much noise. That’s mainly thanks to the limb silencers.

Safety is also thought out here. Particularly the finger guard under the rail so you aren’t likely to lose a finger when shooting. The anti-dry fire mechanism works differently than most. The safety is engaged automatically when the crossbow is cocked and can’t be fired until a bolt is loaded. The unique downward pressure on the bolt ensures that even if you were to tilt the crossbow for any reason when firing, the bolt won’t slip before the shot.

Saving the best for last is the trigger mechanism. We love a light trigger and one that is as easy to pull as this can make a difference. When sometimes a fraction of a second is the difference between a kill and a miss, that trigger puts the odds in your favor.

The frictionless trigger is not only light, but it’s also effortless. Not having to put too much pressure into pulling the trigger is what has put the Furious on the map of most hunters.

What Kind Of Bolts Should I Use for the Killer Instinct Furious 370 FRT?

The factory bolts that come with the Furious are very good, carbon 20 inch arrows. You could use the three that come supplied and be very happy with the 370 fps and kinetic energy.

If you want to get fancy, you can try some with lighted nocks (image below). The Killer Instincts Killertech 20" Lumix Bolts are really cool and help hunt in low light environments.

What comes with the Killer Instinct 370 FRT?

You get quite the package with the crossbow. Pretty much everything you need to get out into the woods.

Besides the crossbow you get:

  • Ki Lumix Multi Reticle Illuminated 4x32 scope
  • 3 20 inch 425 grain bolts
  • Removable quiver
  • Shoulder sling

Final Thoughts - Killer Instinct Furious 370 FRT Review

You would have to spend much more to get the kind of performance that you get with the Furious 370.

So much attention to detail went into the making of this crossbow that it is hard to find any fault with it.

The only things we could see that are potential drawbacks are the slight vibrations and that it’s a bit front heavy.

Those are two very minor quips. The only reason the vibrations seem excessive is because everything else is so smooth. The aluminum rail, the trigger, the limb silencer all make this such a high end crossbow that it seemed like there should be less vibration.

The front is heavy simply because the butt is so light. The stock is very minimal so it naturally makes the front feel heavy.

If you are a middle budget hunter and can swing $700 for a crossbow then we highly recommend the Furious 370 FRT. you can spend twice as much and get less in return with other crossbows.

We hope this review of the Killer Instinct Furious 370 FRT has shed some light onto this remarkable crossbow and makes your hunt for the right one for you just a little bit easier. Of course, ask us any questions and we will get back to you quickly! Buy the Killer Instinct Furious 370 FRT package on Amazon today!

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