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New 2017 Barnett Crossbows

Barnett is known for constantly upgrading their crossbow line. This article will cover all of the new 2017 Barnett crossbows. This year they released a wider range that covers all skill levels and price points, and also crossbow types including compound and reverse draw. They've added improvements to some of their top sellers, such as the Whitetail Hunter, Raptor, and Quad Edge.


List of all new 2017 Barnett Crossbows

There are a lot of new models Barnett is trying out for 2017 (and I assume we'll see some of them go away as the favorites tend to stick around, such as the Raptor FX series, Edge, Wildcat, Recruit, and Youth). Some of the more interesting ones I wanted to focus on include the expanded Ghost line (420 and 375, with the Ghost 375 price significantly less (see price on Amazon). Another series that is getting expanded quite a bit is the Whitetail Hunter line, with their introduction of the Whitetail Hunter 2, Whitetail Hunter Pro, and a Lady Whitetail Hunter. I'll also briefly point out some of the nice changes that have been made for the Edge and Youth series.

New Ghost 420 and Ghost 375​

I've previously written a more in-depth first look at the Ghost 420​, but it made some safety improvements that the Ghost 415 suffered from. The biggest change, however, is switching to a 380 grain bolt, instead of the standard 400 grain bolt - thus gaining an extra 5 feet per second.

Meet the new Ghost 375. It's very similar to the Ghost 420, but comes with slightly less power. However, it is priced significantly better. See current discounts for the Ghost 375 on Amazon.

You still get a great 4x32 scope, a rope cocking device, and the trigger is provided by TriggerTech, which is a 3lb pull and has a zero-creep release. This trigger is absolutely amazing, and it's great to see Barnett including it into more of their crossbows at a cheaper price.

Barnett Whitetail Hunter Crossbows

The Barnett Whitetail Hunter crossbow has been a great success. Because of the great sales numbers, Barnett has released THREE new Whitetail Hunter models - the Whitetail Hunter 2, Whitetail Hunter Pro, and the Lady Whitetail Hunter.​

The Whitetail Hunter 2 and Lady Whitetail Hunter are identical crossbows, just with different camos. ​The 2 comes with Realtree Xtra camo, a wooded theme, and the Lady model comes in Muddy Girl Serenity, a light blue theme. To be completely honest, if you're not going for a camo look, the blue camo looks great! Click here to see more product images of the Lady Whitetail Hunter crossbow.

The Whitetail Hunter 2 is capable of shooting 375 FPS and deliver 103 foot lbs of kinetic energy, making it a great deer hunting crossbow.​ Barnett has even included the TriggerTech trigger on this model as well, which makes this crossbow a great buy.

The Whitetail Hunter Pro upgrades a few things from the base model. This includes 380 FPS, longer power stroke, and 10 more lbs of draw weight. This translates into an increase in FPKE, from 103 ft lbs to 122 ft lbs. This will ensure clean and humane hits that are on target. It also comes in Trubark HD camo for a more immersive hunting experience.

Barnett Edge Crossbow - Name Update​

It appears Barnett is dropping the "Quad" aspect from the name of its Quad Edge crossbow, and has also combined it from the Quad Edge and Quad Edge S, into just one crossbow. A nice Realtree AP camo. With a hefty 109 FPKE, it's great for deer hunting or turkey hunting. A lighter 135lb draw weight and ability to integrate a crank cocking device allows for quick reloads if needed. Barnett has decided the Edge is a great candidate for the TriggerTech trigger as well.

Barnett Youth Crossbows

​A nice look upgrade to the Recruit Youth 30 crossbow line is available. The 30 stands for lbs of draw weight, allowing many young buckaroos to operate their first crossbows all by themselves. Of course, you should always teach a child (or anyone) proper crossbow safety before allowing them to touch it! At only 17.4 ft lbs of kinetic energy, you might want to stick to very small game as it's unlikely to be a humane kill. These Recruit Youth 30 crossbows are great for target practice for the young ones.

If they're feeling comfortable and looking for an upgrade, Barnett is still offering the Recruit Youth 60 and Recruit Youth 100 models that will help them progress at a comfortable pace.

Raptor FX3 and FX3 Pro Crossbows​

With how popular the whole Raptor FX series has been (read our review of the Raptor FX2 here), it's no surprise Barnett has added a new FX series crossbow for 2017. They've actually expanded the line even beyond just the Raptor FX3, but also included a Raptor FX3 Pro model.

The FX3 comes in ​a lighter Realtree Hardwoods camo (see on Amazon), and the FX3 Pro is using a medium Realtree XTRA camo. As you might expect now, both also have the TriggerTech trigger. The FX3 specs are quite similar to the Whitetail Hunter series, with 350 FPS and 103 ft lbs of kinetic energy. The FX3 Pro is a slight upgrade over the base model, and rocks 380 FPS with 122 ft lbs of kinetic energy and 10 more lbs of draw weight (up to 160 lbs).

Wildcat C7 Introduction​

One of Barnett's best selling crossbow lines ever is the Wildcat. They have released another new version, the Wildcat C7.​ Known for its reliability, and not flashiness, you get solid performance. At 330 FPS, 125 lb draw weight, and able to deliver about 92 FPKE, it's a great all-around crossbow that's easy to use, but still packs a punch. The addition of the TriggerTech trigger means if you're looking to upgrade, this would be a great purchase for you. Click here to see if Amazon currently has any discounts on a Wildcat C7 crossbow package.

Our Pick For Best Barnett Crossbow In 2017

Trying to determine the "best" crossbow really depends on what your purpose is. If you like to hunt big game, turkey, or just use it for target practice, not everyone has the same needs. Because of this, I'll pick a few of the new 2017 Barnett crossbows as the best.

1) Barnett Ghost 375

The reason I'm picking the Ghost 375 as my best overall pick is the performance to dollar ratio. It is much cheaper than the Ghost 420, but is usable in almost all of the same scenarios. If you want fantastic performance at a medium range price, the Ghost 375 should be on your list to buy for 2017.

2) Barnett Whitetail Hunter 2

For a great performing and all-around crossbow at a fair price, the Whitetail Hunter 2 is the perfect choice for you.​ Great for hunters of all sizes, and it even has a Lady model that has a very cool camo scheme. I recommend this if you're on a lighter budget, but still want a great crossbow.

Let's Hear From You

I always enjoy hearing feedback from the crossbow community on what they think of new crossbow releases, especially considering the significant increased offering Barnett has provided for us in 2017. What crossbow do you have your eyes on? Any you want to hear more about? Let us know in the comments!​

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