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New Barnett Crossbows For 2020

Barnett is constantly updating their crossbow line to make sure their customers have the best crossbow for hunting. In this article I'll go over the new Barnett crossbows for 2020. I'll also go over accessories they've improved to make sure their crossbows have the latest and greatest technology to make your crossbow hunting experience better.


New 2020 Barnett Crossbows

Here is the short list of new crossbows Barnett introduced in 2020:

  • HYPERTAC™ 410
  • TS380
    • XP 370
    • XP 380
    • XP 400

If you've kept up with Barnett crossbows for awhile, then you'll recognize a few crossbow names they've brought back from the past. They're also expanding past lines with improved models (such as the TS380). But the most exciting thing about the new Barnett crossbows for 2020 is the addition of 2 brand new models: the Hyperflite Evo 420 and the Hypertac 410.

Barnett Hyperflite Evo 420

Barnett saw some success using "Hyper" in their model names last year. The Barnett Hyperflite Evo 420 is being touted as the most revolutionary crossbow for 2020. Looking over the changes they've made, I must say it does in fact appear to be quite revolutionary.

They've moved the cams from the limbs and onto the risers. That certainly makes it a much more compact crossbow, and time will tell if this is a good move or not. Barnett is banking on it since the Hyperflite Evo 420 is their best crossbow for 2020. Barnett is stating it improves accuracy and allows for more customization.

Keeping their flagship crossbow models around the 420 FPS  and 150 ft lbs mark seems to be a good sweet spot for Barnett. While they might be changing the design and form factor a bit, at least the crossbow specs have stayed similar. Since it's a Barnett Hyper model, it uses the HyperFlite .204 diameter arrows.

It's a bold move to make for your flagship crossbow have such a drastic change and I'll keep tabs on what the community thinks. Let me know in the comments below your initial thoughts!

Barnett HyperTac 410

The Barnett HyperTac 410 is aiming to take over the ultra compact crossbow market. They've made maneuverability the top priority. This includes shortening the riser assembly and adding an adjustable butt stock.

The HyperTac 410 also uses the small .204 diameter Hyperflite arrows for improved accuracy and penetration. Being able to shoot 410 FPS with 142 ft lbs of power certainly are fantastic specs for a compact crossbow.

Barnett TS380 Crossbow

Last year Barnett released the TS370 and the TS390. Well the TS380 simply appears to be a combination of the two. The FPS and ft. lbs force specs find a nice happy medium spot between the two previous models. Looks-wise, it's a replica of the TS370. The TS390 definitely looks much cooler, but the TS380 looks to find a home in the non-flashy, but still plenty capable mid range market.

Barnett Explorer Compound Crossbows

Some brand new Barnett crossbows for 2020 include the Explorer series. This includes 3 new crossbows aimed at new and experienced hunters looking for a more affordable crossbow hunting experience without sacrificing too much capability. The Barnett Explorer crossbows include the XP 370, XP 380, and XP 400.

Here are the main difference in specs across the Explorer crossbows:

  • XP 370 - 370 FPS, 165 lbs draw weight, 115 ft. lbs kinetic energy
  • XP 380 - 380 FPS, 185 lbs draw weight, 122 ft. lbs kinetic energy
  • XP 400 - 400 FPS, 200 lbs draw weight, 135 ft. lbs kinetic energy

While the Barnett Explorer crossbows have very capable specs, they're clearly aimed at the new hunter market. This is completely fine as it's always beneficial to provide something easy to use right out of the box. That is Barnett's goal since the Explorer crossbows are ready to go straight out of the box and into the field in minutes. Also every beginner accessory is included, such as a rope cocker, quiver, and arrows.

I imagine the Barnett Explorer crossbows will help many new hunters make great memories when they reminisce about their first crossbow.

Barnett Wildcat Crossbow

The Barnett Wildcat crossbow is back for 2020! One of Barnett's all time top sellers, the Wildcat crossbow is great for beginners. It is definitely one of the best crossbows for kids on the market. At 260 FPS and 57 ft lbs of force, it's great for small game and target practice. A draw weight of 165 lbs makes it manageable for kids and beginners alike. You can read our Wildcat C6 review here.

Barnett Blackcat Crossbow

The Barnett Blackcat is basically a replica of the Wildcat, but comes in all black and a shorter range scope. Will get more details on this crossbow in the following weeks, but looks like a perfect crossbow for target practice!

New Barnett Accessories For 2020

Barnett is introducing 2 new crank cocking devices. The Universal Crank Cocking Device and HyperGhost™ Crank Cocking Device. They were made to integrate with certain Barnett crossbows. The benefit of a crank cocking device over a rope cocker is it reduces the draw weight cocking tension by up to 93% which saves a lot of energy! A crank cocking device also gets a perfect cocked arrow every time too improving accuracy and power delivery.

You can find out more information about all of Barnett's newest products at

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