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Enforcer Crossbow Review: All The Info You’ll Need

Parker isn’t the largest manufacturer of crossbows in the world but their quality and affordability have made them a favorite among hunters. Maybe you heard about Parker’s famous lifetime warranty. Or maybe you found the Parker Enforcer by looking for crossbows that offer excellent features at an affordable price (See on Amazon). Either way, keeping reading this Parker Enforcer review to learn more and see if it’s right crossbow for you.


Parker Enforcer Review

About The Parker Enforcer Crossbow

Let's start this Parker Enforcer review off by getting to know more about this crossbow. The Parker Enforcer is an affordable crossbow with lots of high end features. Its light weight and accuracy means it can compete with crossbows that are twice as expensive.

The Enforcer has what Parker calls “split limb technology”. This just means that each limb is made up of two limbs. I don’t know if this is any better than having just a single limb but it definitely makes the Enforcer look really cool.

The split limbs along with an 11.25 inch power stroke help propel the bolts at up to 315 feet per second, 15 feet per second faster than the previous model.

The Parker Enforcer crossbow is 20.25 inches wide from axle to axle and 36.75 inches long. This makes the Enforcer narrower than many other crossbows, especially when the string is fully cocked. When the Enforcer is cocked and loaded with the string drawn it measures 18 inches from axle to axle.

Having a narrow crossbow like this makes life much easier shooting from a blind or in a tree stand.

Another great feature of the Enforcer is its light weight. You will really be surprised when you pick up this crossbow. The Enforcer weighs in at 7.1 pounds, and at 8 pounds with the added accessories attached. If you are used to heavier crossbows you will really feel the difference holding the Enforcer.

Not only will a lighter weapon help you with fatigue but it will increase your accuracy which is always the most important spec on a crossbow.

The draw weight on the Parker Enforcer is 160 pounds. You can certainly draw this crossbow by hand but if you want it to be easier and you want a more consistent draw, I recommend getting the Parker Red Hot rope cocker, if you don’t already have one.

Not only does a rope cocker make cocking your crossbow much easier but it also cocks more consistently for a more accurate shot. The Parker Red Hot rope cocker has these neat little rollers on each hook that prevent it from scratching your crossbow, which is nice.

You notice immediately that the stock on the Parker Enforcer is full of holes and gaps. Cutting out all of the fat on the stock is part of the weight saving technology that Parker uses to help it reach 7 pounds. All of the holes also make the Enforcer ergonomic and comfortable to hold and carry.

The way the stock is shaped also allows for that comfortable pistol grip. The pistol grip is great and I think it helps make the Enforcer more accurate. You will also notice the Enforcer has a ventilated foregrip. Not only does this help with grip but it’s a safety feature to make sure you don’t slice your fingers off when you fire. Just wrap your fingers around the ventilated foregrip and you can be sure that your fingers are out of the path of the string.

One of the coolest features on the Parker Enforcer is the Parker anti vibration and shock system (or AVS). This thing is like a suppressor for your crossbow. You can actually buy these by themselves for other Parker models but the Enforcer comes with it from the factory.

It is truly amazing how much quieter the string suppressor makes this bow. Not only does it make it quieter but it reduces vibrations. Some crossbows vibrate so much that they will actually start to come apart after a while. The Parker Enforcer’s AVS system makes the crossbow incredible smooth which makes it even more accurate.

The trigger mechanism on the Parker Enforcer is also pretty advanced for the price point. The trigger is really light and smooth and is effortless to fire. The trigger has a neat anti dry fire feature so that it won’t fire without a bolt. This will save your equipment from breaking and can save your fingers from breaking too. Another safety feature on the trigger is the automatic safety.

As soon as you cock the string back the safety is engaged. You then have to manually release the safety before you can fire. The safety, as well as all the other features are ambidextrous. Left hand shooters and right hand shooters can easily use this crossbow.

What Comes In The Package?

The package includes:

  • ​The Parker Enforcer
  • 4x multi-reticle scope​
  • a quick-detach quiver
  • Four 20" inch, 400 grain bolts with field points

The multi reticle scope comes already mounted on the site rail. Parker actually laser sights their scopes in before shipping out their crossbows. This is great because the Enforcer is very accurate right out of the box. You may need to make some small adjustments but it should be very accurate already.

The scope has 4x magnification as well as 3 reticles for different distances. The top reticle is for 20 yards, the middle for 40 yards, and the bottom reticle is for 60 yards. Parker also makes aftermarket scopes with illuminated reticles in their Red-Hot line of products.

The 4 bolt quick detach quiver that comes in the package is nice because it is so light. The Enforcer crossbow only weighs 8 pounds with the quiver attached. The little attachment mechanism needs to be screwed on to the stock out of the box.

You can mount it either way so that the quiver works for both left handed and right handed people. Mount it with the attachment lever facing forward for a right handed shooter and backward for a left handed shooter.

Also included in the package is 4, 20 inch bolts. You should be sure to only use 20 inch bolts with the Parker Enforcer crossbow for safety reasons. Each bolt is 400 grain with field points. The bolts are made with carbon and use Parker’s special capture nocks, which grip on to the string better than the usual moon or flat shaped ones.

The user manual on the Enforcer crossbow claims that you are “required” to use only Parker or Red Hot brand capture nocks. I honestly don’t know if this is some kind of sales ploy to get you to buy their arrows or if it is a legitimate safety concern. I would play it safe, though, and just use their bolts.

How Easy Is It To Assemble?

If you order your Parker Enforcer crossbow online than it will be delivered in a couple of pieces. The arms and the the string suppressor system are already assembled together and strung. This is great because you won’t need to go to a shop and have it strung. You can assemble it at home and get shooting immediately.

The Enforcer is fairly easy to assemble. The video below shows you how to assemble it, plus the package comes with instructions. You will need a standard sized allen wrench set of your own and the package comes with everything else you need. It is a little tricky getting the strings set in the stock correctly but anyone should be able to do it. You should be able to have the crossbow assembled in a half hour or less.

What’s It Like To Hunt With?

The Parker Enforcer is great to hunt with. It’s easy to carry around all day because of how light it is and because it is so easy to grip. The enforcer is also deadly accurate and very powerful. The 3 reticle scope that comes already assembled has been laser sighted at the factory and is extremely accurate right out of the box.

The power that the Enforcer delivers is enough to take down deer, bobcats, and even elk. It’s also accurate enough to hunt small game like rabbits or groundhogs.

How Durable Is It?

The Parker Enforcer is a very durable crossbow. It doesn’t have a whole lot of complicated mechanisms that can break or have a problem.

The great thing about buying a Parker crossbow is that even if it does have a problem, you have a lifetime warranty for the original owner.

About The Warranty

The warranty for the Parker Enforcer crossbow will last the lifetime of the crossbow so long as you are the original owner. The warranty won't transfer if you decide to sell it, though, and it doesn’t cover strings or bolts.

You need to fill out your warranty card within 15 days of buying your crossbow in order to use it. That is something you don’t want to forget about.

For Whom Is The Parker Enforcer For?

The Parker Enforcer is a great all around crossbow with loads of bang for your buck. Anyone who is looking for advanced features, like the string suppressor system or the automatic safety, without breaking the bank, will love this crossbow. Really, the Parker Enforcer is for everyone. Beginners and experts will both love the light weight and accuracy.

Parker Enforcer Crossbow Review - Final Thoughts

In this Parker Enforcer review, we covered just about everything you need to know. If you're on a budget, but still want to have a fully packaged, ready to go crossbow, I highly recommend you buy this crossbow. Their lifetime warranty can't be beat. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about this crossbow, happy hunting!

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