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TenPoint Titan SS Review: A New Best-Seller

TenPont Titan SS

The Titan SS is one of TenPoint's latest and greatest creations. They revealed it at the Louisville ATA Show in 2016 and it is projected to be TenPoint's best selling crossbow. This crossbow is a top-to-bottom improvement on the previous model, the Titan Xtreme.

It is lighter, faster and more compact. Despite the upgrades, this weapon has maintained an affordable price (See prices on Amazon). In this Tenpoint Titan SS review, I will be investigating everything about this weapon, including what comes in the box, what new features it has and what are it's specs. 


TenPoint Titan SS Review

TenPoint Titan SS Specs

  • ​Length: 35"
  • Width (uncocked/cocked): 21.5" / 18.5"
  • Power Stroke: 12.5"
  • Weight: 6.7 lbs
  • Draw Weight: 175 lbs
  • Speed: 340 FPS

​One of the best aspects about the Titan SS is it's weight. This weapon is advertised to be a mere 6.7 lbs. Keep in mind that the real weight is more like 8.2 lbs once you add all accessories like the scope, quiver and arrows. Even with those accessories added, you are still looking at an extremely lightweight crossbow that you can carry around for hours. 

​At 21.5 inches when uncocked and 18.5 inches when cocked, the Titan SS is narrower than your usual crossbow. This compactness is a great thing if you're planning to operate in small spaces such as a tree stand or a ground blind. 

The speed at which this crossbow shoots it's arrows is a fast 340 feet per second. This speed is faster than your average crossbow and is sufficient to hunt any game in the animal kingdom.  

This weapon has a heavier than average, 175 pound draw weight. This will certainly not be a problem for any able bodied person, especially if they use a rope cocking device.

It may, however, be a tad ​strenuous to attain the 12.5 inch power stroke if you are a person with strength problems. If you do suffer with such problems, you actually won't need to deal with cocking the crossbow the old fashioned way because you can simply use the ACUdraw mechanism installed in the Titan SS. 

Defining Features

This crossbow is beautifully covered with a mossy oak finish. Like almost all new compound crossbows these days, this crossbow incorporates split-limb technology, which adds to the flexibility and durability. 

This crossbow features the Fusion S stock, which is TenPoint's latest design. What's new about this stock is that the fore-grip and the butt stock are designed with strategically placed cutouts. These cutouts not only allow it to be lightweight, but it also gives the crossbow a unique look. The butt stock is also fitted with an adjustable butt plate so that it can match your length-of-pull. ​

The 13 inch HL Quad Limbs are one of the biggest factors which contributes to the great speed of the Titan SS. These limbs are connected to a fully machined aluminium riser that also has two weight-reducing cutouts. ​

The 3.5 pound T3 bullpup trigger is ​delivers a smooth pull that increases accuracy and optimum creep for safety.

TenPoint Titan SS Crossbow Package

TenPoint provides a "skinny package" which only includes the crossbow, the scope and quiver. This does not include bolts and a cocking mechanism. When you buy your crossbow, make sure you read exactly what you're getting because there's already been a few disappointed customers who got their Titan delivered with no arrows to shoot! 

​If you do end up purchasing a full package, this is what you should expect to get:

  • The Titan SS stock and bow assembly
  • TenPoint's 3x Pro-View 2 Scope​
  • Three-pack of Pro Elite Carbon Arrows
  • A three-arrow quiver
  • Owner's instructional DVD
  • A TenPoint window sticker
  • Warranty card

As with every other TenPoint crossbow, you have the option to get it with or without TenPoint's patented cocking units, the ACUdraw or ACUdraw 50. To learn more about these unique devices, I suggest you read the section below. 

Cocking The Titan SS: ACUdraw vs ACUdraw 50

If you don't mind pulling the string the old fashioned way then you can just get the package with no ACUdraw. This is a good option if you are healthy enough to pull the weight and are looking to save a little money. If you are perfectly able bodied, you should have no trouble cocking it - the stirrup is wide enough to fit even the biggest boot.


As mentioned above, this crossbow's draw weight is not ideal for people with bad shoulders or other disabilities. Luckily, TenPoint has come up with arguably the best crossbow cocking mechanism to date. This device is called ACUdraw.

What it does is it allows you to use a cranking system, requiring you to merely pull 3% of the full draw weight. Almost everyone that has used the ACUdraw mechanism has loved it. You can see that through all the great reviews of the device.

ACUdraw 50

The ACUdraw 50 is very different from the ACUdraw - basically, ​the only similarity is that they are installed on the butt stock. With the ACUdraw 50 you are still cocking your crossbow like any other, but the benefit is that you won't have trouble carrying around and storing a separate rope-cocker. That's because this device retracts the rope and stores it neatly into the butt stock. 

To me, the best part about this cocking mechanism is that you will never have the soul-crushing experience of forgetting your rope-cocker on your hunting expedition.

Warning: because both ACUdraw systems operate with strong magnets,  TenPoint strongly recommends that people with pacemakers DO NOT use these cocking mechanisms.

Shooting The Titan SS

​If you're aiming on a table or some other sort of rest, you should easily be able to hit a 50 yard target that's the size of a quarter, even if you are a beginner. Of course, in reality you don't always get the opportunity to rest your crossbow on something. 


  • Very accurate
  • Easy to cock with ACUdraw
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Great customer service


  • No-frills option compared to other TenPoint crossbows

Durability And Warranty

People that choose TenPoint do so because they expect a long lasting crossbow. These well crafted weapons are durable and made in America. It is not surprising to hear people say that they have only had to purchased one TenPoint crossbow​ in the past 7 years.

In the event that you do have problems with your crossbow, TenPoint has you covered. ​They provide a lifetime warranty for the original owner. It should be said that this does not cover the limbs and scope, which are separately covered with a 5-year warranty. 

Overall, this is great insurance but to top it all, off TenPoint happens to have excellent customer service. Should you have any defect on your crossbow, you can just mail it to TenPoint and they will be very quick to fix it and send it back to you as good as new. 

What Case Should You Get?

As you may know already, the Titan SS package does NOT come with a case. Although TenPoint crossbows are designed to last you for 5 years and beyond, I strongly believe that having a case is stll something important. Think of it as insurance. You never know when you might accidentally drop it or damage it as you hit a bump on the road. Read my review of the best crossbow cases for recommendations on the case you should buy for the Titan SS.

TenPoint Titan SS Review - Conclusion 

TenPoint is known for their quality and produce some of the best crossbows available. If you're looking to pick up a quality TenPoint crossbow at a reasonable price, then I recommend getting the Titan SS. typically has the best prices available, so check out the price and other reviews!

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