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Top Outdoor Blogs You Need To Follow In 2019

Top Outdoor Blogs

Being one with nature is the cure to the toxic urban life that’s filled with busy people, air pollution, artificial food, and such. Most people dare not to leave their jobs—even just for a while—but there are brave souls that left everything to live outdoors.

Hiking, climbing, trekking, camping, hunting, and fishing—if these fun outdoor activities excite you, then you should definitely check out our list of the top outdoor blogs. These blogs contain everything you need to know whether you’re a new to the outdoors or not!


Chest Deep

We recently found and believe they provide great content that is specific to hunting and fishing gear. As we all know, every outdoor hobby has a lot of unique gear that you must get accustomed to. If you aren't outfitted correctly, things won't be enjoyable, or could even be dangerous.

Hunting and fishing in cold weather is a great example of when you need to be prepared. If you're looking to get to know more about duck hunting, they have an in-depth article about the best duck hunting waders. Want to know more about fly fishing? They have a great article about the types of fishing waders you can buy. If you're looking to expand your outdoor horizons to other types of hunting, definitely check out Chest Deep!

Known as Southern California’s premier hiking blog, Modern Hiker is an avenue for the latest gear reviews, volunteer opportunities, and hiking news as well as free photos, videos, and directions that will guide you through hundreds of trails in Los Angeles, Southern California and many more trekking zones. They also ensure you get a 3D reconnaissance at the comfort of your own home by providing GPX and Google Earth files to give you a clear picture of the trail ahead. They also pride themselves in the community of backpackers that post and share their adventures and backpacking hacks.

Established in 2006, with a team of 4: Casey Schreiner, Shawnte Salabert, Scott Turner and Bram Johnson, Modern Hiker has been featured in numerous big-time media outlets such as Los Angeles Times, Men’s Fitness, Lonely Planet and USA Today. They have also been nominated for Best Sports Blog and Best City App via LA Weekly Web Awards in 2013. Consecutively, in 2014 their Modern Hiker app was acknowledged by Time Out Los Angeles as a “Must-have LA App.” They have been consistently in every top hiking and outdoor lifestyle blogs articles. Modern Hiker still is the most undisputed outdoor lifestyle blog in the United States.

Prior to starting his blog “The Big Outside”, Michael Lanza has been a passionate backpacker, climber, hiker, skier, trail runner, paddler and cyclist who has traveled to a lot of national parks and wilderness across America and around the world. He also used to work as primary gear reviewer for Backpacker Magazine. He has been featured as one of the top recommended outdoor blogs on numerous websites such as USA Today, TripAdvisor, The Adventure Junkies and Thoroughly Reviewed.

He is also the author of a National Outdoor best-selling book, “Before They’re Gone: A Family’s Yearlong Quest to Explore America’s Most Endangered Parks”. In this book, he tells a story of his adventures with his wife, Penny, his 9-year old son, Nate, and his 7-year old daughter Alex. They visit one endangered park after another to document these environmental treasures before the world loses them to climate change.

Before becoming a highly rated outdoor blogger, Adam Nutting has been an active cub scout who simply loved the outdoors. As a leukemia survivor at age 10, Adam started out as a web designer/developer but always felt there was a void that needed to be filled. Inspired by a documentary on climbing the Appalachian Trail, he decides to bring back his inner scout and take on the challenge. Hiking the Trail has since been documenting Adam’s outdoor adventures, gear reviews, and hiking tips. Since 2013 he has been a blog ambassador for Colombia Sportswear, Geber, Oboz Footwear, Sierra Trading Post and Sports Chalet.

He has founded the annual “Hell Hike and Raft” adventure that involves 6 days of backpacking challenges for outdoor bloggers and online influencers. This fun challenge hence created Epic Social Adventures with an outdoor blogger friend, Scott Gauvin from Hiking Forward. ESA creates opportunities for outdoor hiking enthusiasts to team up with sponsors and take on epic adventures.

“Hi, I’m Kim. I sold my stuff and quit my 9-5 job in order to travel the world.”

This powerful mission statement is what makes So Many Places extra special. This is a blog created by Kim Dinan, a woman who simply got tired of working from 9 to 5 so she decided to sell her stuff, pack her bags and travel the world. Through her blog, she details her travel adventures with Brian, her husband and fellow travel blogger from Wandering Sasquatch, as well as their daughter who was just born last year. She also shares tips on how to travel on a budget and how to build a career out of traveling.

Aside from being a travel enthusiast, Kim is also a published author of “Life on Fire: A Step by Step Guide to Living your Dreams” where she shares an inspiring story of how she left her job on impulse in order to chase her dream of exploring the world, and how this turned out to be her personal life’s mission. In this book, she also relays the little steps she took to achieving her goals and encourages people that it is achievable no matter what their goals in life are. She also has an upcoming book next year entitled “The Yellow Envelope”.

This blog inspires so many that you don’t need a lot of money to travel, and you certainly don’t have to sell your life for a paycheck.

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Deer and Deer Hunting is an outdoor lifestyle online magazine that has its roots in publication way back in 1977. It was established by Jack Brauer and Al Hofacker, two members the Stump Sisters Whitetail Study Group who were self-proclaimed ultra-serious Upper Midwest whitetail hunters.

For over 39 years, this magazine continues to feature everything you must know about Whitetails Deer from their behaviors to rut predictions. This includes first-hand reports of extraordinary hunts, expert hunting tips, techniques and strategies, special big-buck hunting sections and deer management insight and reports.

Deer and Deer Hunting has an online shop complete with every DDH publication that can be purchased online as eBooks, along with lures, calendars and venison recipes. They also have a Deer and Deer Hunting TV Show that airs every Wednesdays at 8AM Eastern on NBC Sports.

Popularly known as the Good Badger, Zack Davis is the author of Appalachian Trials: A Psychological and Emotional Guide To Thru-Hike the Appalachian Trail. Not coincidentally, his blog used to be called before rebranding into 

Zack heeded the call of the wild after he got tired of working 80 hours a week. Despite having no prior knowledge on backpacking, he was able to join pro hikers into completing the climb from Springer Mountain, Georgia to Mt. Katahdin, Maine—a very challenging trip of which almost 70% of hikers quit along the way. His one advantage was that he was more mentally than physically prepared to take on the challenge.

Zack is greatly interested in psychology and how one’s mental preparedness affects anyone’s goals of completing hikes. While most outdoor lifestyle blogs focus on physical preparation—gears and whatnots, Zack, treating the whole experience as more psychological than physical, wanted to reach out, inspire and help other newbies, and even hiking pros to mentally and emotionally prepare for this journey through his blog.

Brian Green is a Charlotte-based travel blogger who is just as obsessed with hiking, camping, trekking and backpacking. His blog, is a hotspot of the latest gear reviews. From hiking apparel to knives to navigation devices as well as camping must-haves and paleo diet portable packs. It’s every backpacking beginner’s wonderland of backpacking essentials to invest on in order to create a more meaningful outdoor experience.

Heather Balogh is definitely not your ordinary Colorado gal. Apparently, she has lived on 3 continents and visited 27 and more countries. On top of this, she used to paddle her road bike across the US, live in a tent for a couple of months, and climb more than 45 peaks that were 14,000 feet and higher. And she’s just getting started!

Sponsored by big brands such as Reebok, Merrell, Columbia Sportswear and Backpacker, Just a Colorado Gal is such an entertaining blog that details Heather’s frequent travels. Aside from a personal take on traveling and enjoying the outdoors, she also shares backpacking guides and essential backpacking tips and tricks that are unique for every trail.

Like The Big Outside, The Outdoor Adventure is also an outdoor blog that documents fun and exciting outdoors adventures and challenges with the entire family. Paul Osborn, father of four and the creator of this blog, grew up in the woods in his parents’ 5 acre land in the country. He loved camping, fishing, canoeing and simply exploring nature. His ultra-light packing has enabled him to maximize his bonding time with his wife and 4 kids during their trips.

His over 10 years of experience in quality assurance has made him a reputable go-to blogger for gear-related businesses. Aside from giving thorough product reviews, he also shares DIY projects to help make outdoor living a budget-friendly affair. Through his blog, he ensures that his readers will purchase the right equipment and will have a seamless outdoor adventure.

"We can be inspired by, and learn and grow from adventures of all shapes and sizes, and by sharing them with each other."

Adventure Inspired is a blog by a Philadephia-based outdoor addict, Katie Levy. Born in Ithaca, a humble community where gorges and waterfalls reside, Katie grew up having a wonderful relationship with nature. In her teens, she became a competitive swimmer and started her backpacking journey with trips to Adirondacks, Ontario, Virginia, even to the Chugach Mountains (where it’s a long sub-zero hike) and the ruthless Denali tundra. It originally started out as a personal blog where Katie would share her travel adventures but soon enough, seeing that more people would benefit more with a few help from someone who has been there, she decided to allow her blog to evolve into an outdoor lifestyle website.

Adventure Inspired seeks to tell you about stories, gear reviews, latest backpacking news and tips and tricks to anything else related to exploring nature. This spans from rock climbing to hiking, mountaineering to biking, climbing, and camping.

Like Adam Nutting, Scott also channels his inner scout through traveling and sharing his journey through his blog, Hiking Forward. After hiking his first national park, The Smoky National Park, with his family he knew he's never the same. He fell in love with the bears, woods, the park and the whole thought of belonging to the world through an active lifestyle. He continued on to take the Appalachian Trail challenge and successfully climbed atop Clingman’s Dome, the highest peak in both North Carolina and Tennessee

He’s a self-confessed newbie in the field of hiking, camping, trekking and exploring nature. His blog, Hiking Forward serves as his notebook of important things he learns as a backpacker, of which he dreams of guiding other new outdoor enthusiasts.

Real Tree’s Brow Tines and Backstrap is a Real Tree section owned by blogger Josh Honeycott, an expert in deer hunting. White-tailed deer are the most prevalent game that Josh grew up hunting with his folks from the river bottoms of Kentucky. In his particular section, he shares facts, essential details and hunting tips and tricks for capturing mature deer. From watering and feeding habits of mature deer to venison recipes and latest big buck news, Josh invites every hunting newbie and pro to come and enjoy the world of hunting deer.

Deer Hunting Big Bucks

Deer Hunting Big Bucks is a deer hunting blog owned by Adam, a United States Army veteran who fell in love with hunting bucks for sport. He’s also a proud member of the National Rifle Association, Quality Deer Management Association, and The Pope and Young Club. He believes that a whitetail deer is one of the most beautiful creatures on earth and that he wants his sons and future generations to enjoy the hunting lifestyle he calls a National Heritage.

“I enjoy the challenge of hunting big bucks. It is something that someone who hasn’t tried cannot fully understand. I love to see the sunrise through the hardwoods on a frosty November morning. The smell of pine, and the campfire in the air. There is just something about the great outdoors.” -Adam

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SoCal Hiker

Jeff Hester is an outdoor lifestyle blogger that aims to promote awareness that “A great many hikes are available right here in our backyard.” With this blog, he plans to share advice, trip reports and guides as well as printed out trail maps with detailed information that is sure to make your next trip as seamless and enjoyable.


Together with his wife, Joan, he embarks on different hiking, backpacking, and trekking on every national park in Southern California. All this is in preparation for his dream of completing the John Muir Trail.

Skinnymoose is an outdoor blog founded in 2004 that collects and features write-ups from different bloggers who are both fans and experts of having a great time outdoors. Their articles compose of education, commentary, and news regarding hunting, fishing, shooting sports, power sports, water sports, mountain sports, general outdoors as well as regulation and conservation.

These bloggers can help you bring out the adventurous spirit in you. Yes, everyone needs an adventure every once in awhile. So pack your bags and stock up some outdoor knowledge. Follow these blogs and we’re sure you’ll learn a lot before you begin your journey outdoors.

Your next adventure awaits!

Written by Erick Muller

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