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TenPoint Venom Xtra Review: The Pinnacle Of Compound Crossbows

It is no secret that TenPoint Crossbow Technologies is one of the elite companies in the crossbow industry, so when they revealed the Venom Xtra at the 2016 ATA Show in Louisville, all crossbow enthusiasts took great note of it. The Venom Xtra runs off the same platform as TenPoint's Venom. It has very much the same look and feel but with much more quality features and accessories.

As you can imagine, this crossbow comes with a hefty price (See on Amazon). With such an expensive crossbow, naturally we are wondering if it is worth the price. In this comprehensive TenPoint Venom Xtra review, we'll tell you everything there is to know about this compound crossbow.


tenpoint venom xtra review

Image courtesy of TenPoint

Venom Xtra Specs

  • Arrow Speed: 372 FPS
  • 114 pounds of kinetic energy
  • Length: 35"
  • Power Stroke: 13.5"
  • ​Weight: 6.7 lbs
  • Draw Weight: 185 lbs
  • Cocked width: 13.3"
  • Uncocked width: 17.6"

​This crossbow is advertised as being 6.7 pounds, however, this measurement does not include all the accessories that would normally be on it - it does not include accessories such as the scope, quiver, the arrows on that quiver, vibration dampeners, and any other item you decide to customize your crossbow with. Having these things in mind, you should be looking at a "real weight" of about 9 pounds. 

For a compound crossbow, the dimensions are amazing. While most other crossbows can barely reach 17.6 inches while cocked, the Venom Xtra is already there when it's uncocked. When the Venom is cocked, you are looking at a very narrow 13.3 inches.

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Features And Design

As you will see, this crossbow was designed with the best quality in mind and TenPoint has excelled at it. The most coveted thing about this TenPoint crossbow is that it is beautifully crafted in a laminated wood stock. Not only is this finish beautiful but it is also very durable.

The 19.9 inch barrel consists of woven carbon fiber and the limbs are double laminated. Those two features also contribute to making it an extremely durable crossbow that will withstand years of rough weather and rugged use.

At the back end there is a non-slip rubber butt plate. The butt stock also has strategically placed cut-outs that improve the balance and reduce the weight of the bow.

Embedded below the barrel are rubber safety wings that reduce noise and vibration while preventing your fingers from getting over the flight deck as you shoot. Speaking of safety features, this crossbow comes with an auto-engaging safety and dry-fire inhibitor, which means that you won't have to worry about accidentally triggering a shot.

Even the most demanding trigger enthusiast will be satisfied with the Venom's 3.5 pound T3 trigger. This trigger delivers a smooth, crisp pull that will increase your accuracy. 

venom xtra specs

While the width is very short, at 35 inches, the length is just about average for a compound crossbow. Because it is so narrow though, the Venom Xtra has a rifle-like feel to it. It almost shoots like a rifle too! Well, not exactly but you know what I mean. 

The Venom Xtra may not be a rifle, but it sure packs a lot of speed and power. With a smoldering speed of 372 feet per second and the kinetic energy of 114 pounds, this crossbow is more than capable of hunting any kind of game from even the longest of distances. It's important to keep in mind, however, that this speed and power is only true when shooting TenPoint Pro Lite Arrows.

The draw weight is at a not-too-heavy 185 lbs but as we all know, if you use a rope-cocker​ you'll only feel about half of that. What's even better than a rope cocker is TenPoint's ACUdraw cranking mechanism. If you want to learn about the ACUdraw, I suggest you read on!

What's In The Box?

  • TenPoint Venom Xtra Crossbow 
  • Compact Limb Soft Crossbow Case
  • RangeMaster Pro Scope
  • Aluminium 7/8 inch Fixed Dovetail Mount
  • ACUdraw or ACUdraw 50 Cocking Mechanism
  • Instant Detach 3-Arrow Quiver
  • Ambidextrous Side-Mount Quiver Bracket
  • 6 TenPoint Pro Elite carbon fiber arrows
  • A Bojax Crossbow Noise Dampening Kit
  • A String Dampening System
  • Owner's Instructional DVD
  • A TenPoint vehicle window sticker

The Venom Xtra sells only as a complete packageThe package comes with everything you could possibly need so that you'd be able to go on your hunting trip as soon as it is delivered to you. 

​For starters, the Venom Xtra comes with it's own Compact Limb Soft Case that provides more than enough protection. This case is made with double stitched high-grade material, a heavy duty zipper and a shoulder strap. 

​In the package you will also find a 3-arrow instant detach quiver. This quiver is very lightweight at a mere 4.75 ounces. It has a durable spine and it's made out of rubber so as to not make much noise as you take arrows out or place it somewhere. It can also be placed in three different places on the crossbow, so you can pick where you want to have it. 

With this package you will hardly have to shop for more bolts, since TenPoint has included a six-pack of Pro Elite carbon fiber arrows. ​

For such a high performing crossbow, it goes without saying that the Venom Xtra is going to need help reducing noise and vibration. Luckily TenPoint has included a package of limb vibration dampeners. ​As if that wasn't enough to silence the crossbow, it also has string suppressors - or as TenPoint calls it, a String Dampening System (SDS).

The most important accessories that come with this bow are the RangeMaster Pro Scope and the ACUdraw Cocking mechanism. There is a lot to talk about when it comes to these two accessories. Below, I have explained everything there is to know about the ACUdraw and the RangeMaster scope. 

TenPoint RangeMaster Pro Scope​

The TenPoint RangeMaster​ scope is one of the best scopes out there - it has so many cool features to make your hunting life easier. This scope measures at 8.25 inches in length and is made out of lightweight aluminum. It is equipped with an etched glass reticle and fully multi-coated 1.5 to 5x optics.

The sight consists of three duplex cross hairs and five dots. Those five dots represent 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 yards so no adjustment for distance is required. The cross hairs are set for 20 (top), 30 (middle) and 40 (bottom) yards. The 50 and 60 yard marks are free standing dots. Those dots can be in a non-illuminated black or in an illuminated color (red or green).

Of course, knowing what the crosshairs represent means nothing if you don't know the range of your target. If you think that accurately assessing distances would be a problem for you, then you can simply get a rangefinder.

rangemaster pro scope

By the way, the fact that this scope has a setting for 60 yards should tell you a lot about the great performance of the crossbow, as most other crossbows' performance dramatically decrease after 50 yards. 

In terms of accuracy, this scope has it all. You should have no trouble sighting it in. It has an adjustable focus ring which allows you to easily get a clear picture. The most incredible part is that it has a setting for the arrow speed and drop-compensation.

So let's say your arrows are being shot at the advertised, blazing speed of 372 FPS. Well all you need to do is dial the knob to 372 and you have an accurate shot. The reason why this is important is because you might want to suddenly change to a slightly heavier arrow or include a broadhead, which will naturally reduce the speed. 

Knowing the speed of your shot based on different arrows is very important for accuracy, so here is how the Venom would perform with each TenPoint arrow, all of which are compatible with it:

  • ​Pro Lite Arrow (370 grains): 372 FPS / 114 KE
  • Pro V22 Arrow (420 grains): 355 FPS / 118 KE
  • Pro Elite Arrow: (425 grains): 353 FPS / 118 KE
  • Magnum XX75 Arrow (435 grains): 350 FPS / 118 KE

Even with such a great crossbow there are still a few minor grievances. For example, the illuminated scopes can be too bright in contrast with the dark, making it possible for animals to spot you. Also, in foggy conditions the illumination can make it hard to see the cross hairs correctly. 

Cocking The Venom Xtra​

TenPoint has really gone out of their way to make the cocking experience easier. The Venom Xtra can comes pre-installed with two different kinds of cocking devices: ​the ACUdraw cranking system or the ACUdraw 50 Cocking Mechanism.

I'll go over the differences as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each, but in short, the ACUdraw 50 is for those that don't mind cocking it the old fashion way and the other is for those that want an even easier cocking experience. 

The ACUdraw 50 Cocking Mechanism: ​

What the ACUdraw 50 ​basically does is it gets rid of the annoying problem of storing your rope-cocker. All hunters have their own way of carrying this rope - some hang it around their neck and others store it in a pocket, risking entanglement. When you want to cock and shoot right away you might even throw it on the ground.

With the ACUdraw 50 you don't have to worry about any of this because the rope is integrated into the butt stock. For me, the best part about this is that you can never forget your rope.

With the ACUdraw 50, the rope neatly fits into its compartment as it is being retracted. It also has a powerful magnet that keeps the handles in place so as not to make any rattling noise. Because of this magnet, TenPoint urges that people with a pacemaker or other medical implants should not use it. 

I'd say that the ACUdraw 50 is for the people that are perfectly able-bodied and can easily handle the ​185 pound draw weight. It's also worth mentioning that the Venom Xtra with an ACUdraw 50 comes at a cheaper price.

For more information on how to use the ACUdraw 50 you can watch this excellent video: ​

The ACUdraw Cranking System:

Although they have similar names, the ACUdraw is very much different than the ACUdraw 50. Instead of actually pulling the string yourself, you get to use a crank system. This cocking mechanism allows people who have a disability or a strength problem to enjoy this incredible TenPoint crossbow. 

Like the 50, this cocking device is embedded into the butt stock, so you can say goodbye to the hassle of carrying a rope-cocker around. The most amazing part is that it reduces the draw weight by 97%. That's right - with the crank you will only feel 5 pounds of the original 180 pound draw weight. What's more is that you will a consistently even pull each time, which is paramount when it comes to your crossbow's accuracy.

A very minor downside is that the ACUdraw crank has a slightly higher price tag than the Venom with an ACUdraw 50. To many, however, there is no compromising when it comes to getting, in my opinion, the best cocking device in the market.

To get an understanding on how the ACUdraw works here is a video from TenPoint demonstrating it:​

After watching that video you may think that it would take very long to cock it or that you need to be very careful not to mess things up, but I assure you that, once you try it a couple of times, you will find it quick and easy to use. 

Pros And Cons


  • High quality materials / Durable
  • Capable of hunting any game
  • Package comes with everything you need
  • Easiest cocking mechanism out there
  • Great scope
  • Compact


  • Expensive
  • May be overkill for small game​

TenPoint's Warranty​

TenPoint crossbows are made by American workers in Suffield, Ohio. Their crossbows embody strength and durability. TenPoint is so confident that you'll have no defects that they are providing a lifetime warranty. Of course, like with every warranty, there are a few limitations. This warranty covers everything but the limbs and scope. Those two things are separately warranted for the first 5 years. For more information about this warranty, you can go to TenPoints website or you can simply wait for the owner's manual that will come in the package.

Of course, just because you get this warranty it does not mean that you can abuse or neglect the crossbow. You still have to follow a maintenance routine if you want to keep this warranty, but more importantly to make your crossbow last for many years. If you don't know already, there are a lot of things that you can do in terms of maintenance. Here is an article of ours of maintenance tips. 

TenPoint Venom Xtra Review​ - Conclusion

After making this TenPoint Venom Xtra review, I am convinced that there is not a higher quality crossbow out there. This is a very expensive crossbow, there is no denying that. However, it has everything a hunter could ever want in a crossbow. The Venom Xtra is obviously not for everyone. This crossbow is for those who are looking for the best-of-the-best.

That's all for now for this TenPoint Venom Xtra review. If you have any questions or comments about this crossbow, be sure to leave a comment in the section below. 

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